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Pizza vs. Subway Sandwich

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Before I tell you who wins... here's the set up...

I went to Cosi's because I love their iced tea and I've found that I am an awesome reader there. Like, I just pound. Which I desperately needed to do this morning. So I got a whole wheat bagel with low fat cream cheese (and wiped most of it off while taking out most of the bread filling - go me) and iced tea. Yummy!

And proceeded to read. And be there through the start of lunchtime. Now, I love their pizzas. It's a special treat, not only calorie wise, but money wise. Cause You don't get a whole lot of bang for your buck. But! It is a containable amount of calories in terms of, if you track it, you're done. And it just tastes special. So anyways, I'm salivating.

When in walks a bunch of middle schoolers. No big deal, except they're LOUD. But fine, my hearing aids are out, I can mostly ignore them. emoticon

And then in walks a rather hefty boy. Who got something for lunch and a milkshake type thingy - i.e. a s**t ton of calories. And oh, my heart just broke for him. Which reiterated my want to help kids who are obese. Whatever their lack of education or emotional needs are, I want to find a way to help them.

Regardless, I read the last 50 pages, packed up my bag, and went to Subway.

I got a $5 footlong. I ate half for lunch and saving the other half for dinner at work - where I'm almost never healthy. In an hour, I will hit the treadmill and I'll do a workout while I'm at work tonight.

Because, I do have the education of what's healthy under my belt and my emotional needs are to come here and vent or to find other outlets that are not food. I know how to say no to the junk. Oh, I'll have my pizza. Just not today. Or in the next few days. It's a special, yummy treat for a special time.

So the winner was...

SUBWAY! (Turkey on white - don't like their wheat - with cheese - but no mayo, so had to do one haha, and I needed my dairy - lettuce, olives and pickles - the tomatoes looked rank today, so no tom tom's)

And you know, I'll end up having Subway most of this week, because I'd prefer to spend the extra $1.50-$2 a day on food I'd spend to not have to cook because my life is just THAT insane right now. I have my breakfast foods (just need milk) and snacks, so that's the only money I'd be spending for a few days and to be able to split it up in two meals makes it ok by me.

And that's the story morning glory.

Catch y'all on the flip side.
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