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daylight savings and my fight against the scale!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The time change messes me up. I LOVE it once I get used to it but man alive I'm havin a hard time! I could not fall asleep last night, then i kept waking up thinking i was going to oversleep. Then, the alarm went off at 5:30 am I couldnt get my butt outta bed. All day at work I was laggin and it was funny because everyone else was feeling the same way! Today i was back with my favorite nurse from two weeks ago, in internal medicine and the FUNNIEST thing happened to me..are you ready for this? oh man. Okay, so this 48 year old man came in to see the doctor for a consult he had some abnormal labs and other stuff goin on. Totally friendly, great guy right? So we start talking to him (me and the other nurse) and he tells us he used to be a body builder and took all that steroid and other junk so he could bulk up. Well, he still takes some stuff with protein and thats why his tests are abnormal..he also then tells us hes having sexual dysfunction and no drive whatsoever. Okay, hes been prescibed viagra so we arent sure why he keeps talking about it. Then he goes on to say 'see i have no sex drive and im feelin no sexual feelings.' then he looks straight at me and goes 'like when i watched you from behind while we were walking down the hall, usually id be feeling stuff i mean come on im a guy but today..nothing!' HOLY MOLY DUDE! I was in shock that he told us that! We finished up with him and when we left the room I just started cracking up. Its funny, some people would be offended i think its funny..and a compliment in its own weird way LOL. Thought id share that with you all. Then after work, I went to the gym and since I ran my 5 miles yesterday instead of saturday, I took today off from running and did an hour of turbo kickboxing again! It went MUCH smoother this time and I think its going to become my regular monday workout! I lasted the whole hour and man i was sweating..felt fabulous! Had pot roast for dinner with veggies on the side. So, beat that scale! I'm gonna get you..
hope you all had a fantastic Monday! Love ya
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