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Monday, March 15, 2010

Encouragement is just one word that means a lot. I looked up the word in the dictionary and there are three definitions.
1. The expression of approval and support
2. The act of giving hope or support to someone
3. The feeling of being encouraged

Over the last couple of weeks I have left comments on peoples pages wishing people a good day, to stay strong, tackle the hills or plow them down, conquer the beast inside, and so on. I have received comments back saying thank you for your support. People have said that they look forward to my frequent comments on their page or blog. People describe my comments as support, positive, nice, motivational, thoughtful, and encouraging. They tell me I am warm, positive, and inspirational.

You may ask why is this stranger giving me this support and encouragement when she doesn't know me? The reason is because I know what its like to not have any, to be alone, called names, and to have only negative talk coming in your ear. You ask how does she stay so positive? The answer is because I've had a lot of bad things happen in my life and still made it. So in short why sweat the small stuff.

I've been homeless, I've had my kids move away from me, had to walk 5 miles in 100 degree heat to and from work, walk in -20 with -40 windchill 2 miles to and from work, take buses moving across the country which meant having to leave stuff behind, grew up on my own with an alcoholic parent, and the list could go on.

You know what? When you have been through all that with no support and still make it you feel happy to help support others and tell them they can do it and make it. Cause if I can do it, you can too. I'm no super woman. I'm just a 28 year old female that has had to give her all her whole life. Right now I'm living off of $150 a week on unemployment and you know what? It could be worse.

I could have no roof over my head, no food in my stomach, no bus to get to where I need to go, no computer, no television, no radio, no phone, no clothes to put on, no shower to wash up, no bed to curl up in at night, no warmth in my home, no friends and the list could go on.

So you see when I'm sending my encouragement I'm saying its not the end of the world if you have to exercise or have a slip up. If you can go through the large things in life you can tackle anything. I'm telling you in case you are like me. You need to hear it now and then.

I encourage you to share your support and happiness. It will make you and the other person feel better.

I know one day God will look over my life and say job well done. Yeah there were bumps, but you were a kind and thoughtful soul.

All it takes is a little time to give some encouragement. Just remember emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know what you mean. No home, no car, etc. Never can say that I have been truly homeless, because as long as my DH and I are together I am home. Everyone has bad streaks in their lives, big or small problems, but as long as you know you are trying to be the best person that you can be no matter what your problems, you can tackle anything.
    4127 days ago
    Thank you so much for just... writing that down and allowing me to put everything in perspective more clearly. That brought tears to my eyes. You must be a wonderful person. Keep it that way.
    4147 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5402089
    wow thanks, I am so not sure how I ended up here...... lol but I can say thanks and your encouraging words are important - my sttruggles may not be the same as yours or as harsh - but... I still have them and how wonderful there is someone who will encourage me with out me having to look for it. thanks. thanks for being who you are.
    4147 days ago
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my status today. I really appreciate your willingness to listen to me. It has just been one of those months. Off and on flooding in my basement due to the last 3 major storms. My bay window was damaged in the last storm and is leaking and rattling with every bit of wind or even closing the front door. Of course, no one is willing to repair it because the main window is very large and replacing the bay window is very expensive. The estimators we have called including house insurance are backlogged due to the damage from all of the storms. It is raining again today so my basement is again beginning to have water around the walls on the floor. My DH is getting over being sick and no I am not up to snuff. We had to spend almost $1,000 today on tires and repairs on the car. And so the story goes. I am simply overwhelmed, but it is people like you whose kindness gives me the courage to keep plugging along. Thank you so much for listening and caring.
    4150 days ago
    I love your encouragement and your story really touches me!! You are such a positive light to this community and I thank you for all your cheerful messages you leave me :) I agree that encouraging others is so important - together we can all do this! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4153 days ago
    As the late, great Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "Never, never give up." during World War II, we (you , I, all of us) can never, never give up. I don't even want to think of the alternative. We will simply never give up. I hope you can see you are getting so many positive responses back to your reaching out to others. Keep up the good fight, I do believe the Lord's just rewards are and will continue to come you way. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Rusty. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4155 days ago
    Thank you so much! You just put things into prospective for me, I was having the poor me blues, but you are right! It could be worse. Thank you for the kick in the butt, into the right mind frame. emoticon
    4156 days ago
    Wow! You've gone thru alot in your short life and still manage to have such a great attitude. Thank you for the encouragement and I hope really good things come your way because you deserve it.
    4156 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    4156 days ago
    Wow! That is putting it right. Sometimes I do stop and think about how much harder it could be, but often I just complain. I really need to think more often of how dang good I have it.

    4156 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Great post!! emoticon
    4156 days ago
  • no profile photo CS4JWS
    This post put tears in my eyes. I know, so much, what you mean about not having the support or encouragement. You have a very special place in my Spark emoticon , and I appreciate everything you do here!

    Yes, I am definitely one of those who looks forward to your comments...and 100% of the time, they are needed precisely at the moment you send them!

    So thank you! From the bottom of my Spark emoticon

    I'm honored and proud to call you emoticon
    4156 days ago
    Yes yes yes!
    I agree!
    I very much enjoy your positive comments!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4156 days ago
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