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Attack of the Jiggle!

Monday, March 15, 2010

So reference my last blog about the initial couple of attacks of the jiggle.

But today... was a BIG attack of the jiggle. Yes, that jiggle. The belly, the thighs, the butt... not the boobs, cause hey now, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that jiggle.

I saw the boy. He made nothing official and was still sick, so maybe he's still on the, I should be romantic when asking a girl out, kick. Who knows??? Anyways, so we watched some shows on his computer and at times he'd squeeze my leg or tickle me around the stomach.

Aaannnddd... I didn't enjoy it. Cause I was SO self-conscious. Therefore... ATTACK OF THE JIGGLE! emoticon

But... I'll power through. It didn't stop him from touching me again, just my own hang-ups. But dude, if this should go farther (or I end up in bed with someone else cause I've knocked his sorry ass to the curb) then I need to be feeling better about myself. So I just had a healthy dinner and will go downstairs for a jog (yay jogging!) later on. I'll also do a sculpt routine as I haven't lifted in a few days.

The attack of the jiggle is going down! It's war time! Bring! It! On!

And the only jiggle that's going to be happening is that of the bed... I kid! I kid! Sort of...
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