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Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, quite a few of you saw and commented/messaged about the sooo done with selfish bastards status. I figured some of you gals (maybe not so much the men) would get a kick out of the story.

So about a week or so ago, one of his ex's emailed him like three times inviting him to Charlotte, NC to spend the weekend with her. We ALL know what THAT means. He didn't even respond and deleted the e-mails.

Then out of the blue yesterday, he messages me and says, so I'm thinking about taking a weekend trip to Charlottesville (that's in VA).

Um... does anybody else think this is all a little hinky??? I even asked three gal pals to make sure it wasn't my been cheated on three times brain thinking this. They all said it was as fishy as it gets. Even Joe, who says M is the straight, younger version of him, said it was fishy.

So I said something. And we discussed it. I was nice, I just said I find it awfully coincidental that all of a sudden, out of the blue, NOW you want to go on a weekend trip.

Oh holy mother of... did we end up having a rip-roaring fight. I mean, down and dirty, on the phone, I had a member in the club, crying... whole 9-yards. How dare I not trust him? Um, duh, jackas*. Unofficial my behind. You want me to trust you, then start owning up. Not only that, but if it really is a guys weekend, I'm generally totally ok with that. But dude! The timing! And this is after us having a discussion all of three nights ago about me being well aware I have so insecurities and trust issues, and to please owe me the respect of working with me, like I have been with him on his multitude of crap.

The call ended on a fairly bad note. I couldn't drive home from work even. So I stayed and wrote him an e-mail. I'm clearly a writer (and a talker, but sometimes I don't think before I speak emoticon), so I basically lined out some suggestions - all contingent upon him going on his "guys" weekend. And this is when I was on SP and wrote that status.

He calls before bed. And says, I have another suggestion. I'm going to talk to you tomorrow, go home, celebrate my bro's bday, and go to bed. Saturday I'm going to get a bunch of stuff done, so I won't be in much contact. And Sunday I'm going to take a day trip with my parents and not take my phone. I asked if that's what he WANTS to do. And he says that it's far more complicated than that because he's not going to hurt me anymore and he's well aware of how much crap I have on my plate right now and he's not going to add to it, but that he will be taking this weekend at some point, because all it is is a guy named Peter and a couple of his friends - male.

Upshot is... there's still no anything. And he's got a mostly free weekend and none of it is to be spent with me? So my guess is he wanted time away to think about me and us. So tomorrow morning, I'm going to conveniently leave the phone that he and I use to contact each other at home (blackberry, so use of blackberry messenger). He hates to text, so when I text him I don't have it, that'll be the extent of our contact for Saturday and clearly none for Sunday. He wants his weekend, then I'll give it to him. And that's not meant to sound snarky. More just the way it is.

So that's the story behind my status update. I'm not sure how I feel about all of it. So I'm just going with the flow right now. Deal with the frustrations as they come. A lot of it stems from the fact that I am SO uncomfortable with where things stand and I don't feel like I have any rights to say or do anything.
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    Eek that does sound fishy, at least from what you say. Good luck and I hope you can find some resolution!!
    3962 days ago
    Men can be very frustrating,nothing new there!lol I hope everything works out! have a great weekend despite it all!! emoticon
    3962 days ago
  • 13-1GIRL
    I don't know your history of your relationship all I can say is stay strong!! God/Universe gives you instincts for a reason is my motto! Try to have a good weekend anyway!! emoticon
    3962 days ago
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