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Monday, March 08, 2010

Well, I said I wanted to up my cardio...today I did JUST THAT! Wasnt able to get my butt outta bed early enough to make it to the gym before work. (I wonder if I ever will be able to) So, I knew it meant the gym after work which is normal BUT i wanted to try going to the turbo kickboxing class and then since I didnt run in the morning, I knew i would also have to do 3 miles on top of the group exercise. Was tired and hungry after work but I went to the gym anyway and im glad I did! Okay turbo kickboxing was PACKED! It was insane. There were so many people you could barely kick out your leg! Also the instructor shouts into her headset so its really hard to understand whats she is saying ON TOP of being brand new but you know what? I did it. All 60 minutes and man I was SWEATING! I kept telling myself you can quit if you cant do this, blah blah blah but i made myself power through. I KNEW i COULD do it and who cares if I look like an idiot?! At least im sweating and gettin cardio! After THAT class I pushed myself to get on the treadmill and run my required 3 miles. It was tough but I knew that if i didnt do it, id be so disappointed when i got home. So? once again, I DID IT! 3 miles in 28 minutes. Hopped off the treadmill and did my 100 crunches for my challenge..It feels so good to have done all that cardio!! So proud of myself. And today was a great eating day..I made my smoothie (so yummy) and then at work the reps brought us salad with chicken on top and water to drink along with fruit. UBER HEALTHY! And for dinner I had a huge amount of asparagus and a stuffed bellpepper (red bell pepper with ground beef inside of it with just a SPRINKLE of mozzerella). I am feelin on FIRE tonight! Work today was fantastic..I was in Family Practice and I did an EKG, saw spirometry, gave a breathing treatment, roomed patients on my own (including physicals) and just had an all around great day. Hope you had a great one as well! Love you ALL!
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