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Inches lost and some Belly comparison pics

Monday, March 08, 2010

So I have lost 20 inches total since starting on 12-18-09. Every 2-3 wks I took new measurements. I have lost 26 lbs since the very beginning but 21 of those lbs have been since 12-18-09. I have dropped 2 sizes. I have acquired "IMEASUREABLE" knowledge about eating healthy and nourishing my body. I have really "matured" when it comes to losing weight. The old me was a "Temper Tantrum 2 yr. old" that wanted it now and stomped her feet and banged on the highchair tray for "more food"! LOL (can any of you relate?)

The NEW ME that has matured is patient with losing 1 or 2 lbs a week and happy with measuring success in many other ways than the stupid scale!
I now look at how clothes fit, how many inches are lost, how I feel throughout the day, how I crave healthy foods like strawberries and cottage cheese!
This new maturity is what will make me succeed forever, make me stay on the right path and sustain me in the "rough periods" of this forever journey! emoticon

St. Measurement taken 12/18/09
~~2nd number is measurements taken 1/13/10 . (so minus 8.75 by 1/13/10)
~~3rd number is measurements taken 1/29/10 (so minus 11.75 inches lost total)
~~4th number is measurements taken 2/19/10 (so minus 14.75 inches total)
~~5th number is measurements taken 3/8/10 (so minus 20 inches total)

Waist (at bellybutton): 44 /42.5/41.5/41/40 (-4)
Waist (3 inches above bellybutton):41 /38.5/37/36/35 (-6)
Hips:48 /47/46.5/46/45.5 (-2.5)
Thigh L:28 /27/ 27/26.75/26 (-2)
Thigh R:28 /27/ 27/26.75/26 (-2)
Neck:17 (at biggest part) / 15.75/15.75/15.25/15 (-2)
Upper Arm R:14.25 /14/ 14/14/13.5 (-.75)
Upper Arm L:14.75 /14.5/14.5/14.5/14 (-.75)
Bust: (I have not measured it becose losing it is not a measure of success for me! LOL It will be the first to go!)

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