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5k walk practice

Sunday, March 07, 2010

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I made it, it is about 20 minutes since I finished and I feel like I can do this now. The working out of the last two months has made me stronger and I will make the 5k walk without killing myself, or fainting or some other nonsense to be taken to the hospital. Now if no cars hit me, life will be good! (j/k, the walk route will be roped off)

How did the day go? Originally I was just going to take a nice little walk down to get the mail today about a mile round trip then I decided since I was home alone, I should just see how far I can go in an hour and check out the clothes issue like they tell you to do in the spark articles.

I got my clothes ready, my shoes, my socks, HRM, keys, phone, ID, water, snack - then I was tired and took a nap... emoticon

Felt like I was going on vacation. I put on my new weight vest, pedometer, jacket, my little back pack, checked steps & time, grabbed two 20 ounce water bottles and off I went.

Because I was trying to check distance and time, I was a little slow to start. Once I got the feel for the time and distance I started just walking. Tried to time the up hill for where we will have to do it in the heart walk - was a little early so I will have to do my walk backwards.

About half way, I picked up the mail and changed my socks to see if that made a difference. Next time I will wear my other walking shoes and see if they feel better with the same sock combos. However, I wasn't halfway so I was a little disappointed because I was halfway in the time and started checking steps every two blocks -you have 2000 to go - JUST WALK!

Well... that little pep talk got to me, I think Forrest Gump took over my brain for a minute. But it worked and with stretching, I finished the 3 miles in 68 minutes including the 7 minutes it took me to change socks and get mail. Got home, walked up the steps, without passing out, dropped off the extraneous"Baggage" and did my stretching.

Went in house, walked a bit dropping various baggage all over and getting lunch - 1/2 cup almonds and 12 rold gold braided honey wheat twists. Pretty sure I will need a bag of those on walk day!!

I kept a fairly even pace and I am pretty sure I can do this walk in under an hour!

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I am/was the fat girl from age 8 until now. I have had periods of thinness where I starved myself but was still not a physical person, If you could ride that was the way I was going!

Which is why I am so amazed at this story about me. If anyone had told me I would be participating in a 5k walk last summer, I would have said - NO WAY! Then I went to spark convention and heard Nancy Howard talk about running. Then I went camping and ran across a field. then I remembered Lib talking about her 5k and how good it felt and decided I have to try.

Now, I Believe I will finish the walk! Who knows, maybe next year I will do the 10k?

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