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I Love Working Out...and Blueberry Pancakes

Friday, March 05, 2010

I am so worn out right now. Trainer buddy killed me today. We did a legs work out that consisted of lunges with a 30 lb bar, wall squats, leg press working out my calves, glute machine, leg extensions, and prone leg curl. The glute machine was worse than the lunges. I start sweating harder when I do it. He has me do 10 regular, then 10 baby ones on each side x 3. I felt like I was going to pass out while doing them.

I usually die during wall squats, but this time I was fine. Well, they weren’t easy, but I didn’t stand up from it like I usually do. He has me hold it for 60 seconds, and I usually have to stand up for a second occasionally during the hold. I’m proud of myself for that, but annoyed with myself about the glute machine. With the leg extensions, he had me do 10, then hold it up with no weight for 5 seconds, drop it and go right back up for another 5, again, again, again. Then I had to do 10 regular. Ouch. Prone leg curl was the last machine I did, and it was so painful. I could barely lift the thing up during the last set. He had me stretch a lot too. I had to sit down with my legs out and touch my feet, then move my legs to a V and go to each foot, then stretch in the middle. He would push on my back so I could stretch further. It felt sooo good to stretch.

Then he told me to do 30 minutes on the rowing machine. When we walked over to it, I made the mistake of trying to step over another rowing machine. I almost tripped because I could barely lift my legs! I hadn’t used the machine in 2 years so he showed me how to do it. I was afraid I would get bored doing it because I had no one to talk to and you can’t exactly read on it. He said, “Just watch the numbers! They change constantly.” Ha. Somehow I didn’t get too bored. I would try to get a higher calories per hour number. I watched people. At the last 5 minutes of it, I could hear my left knee constantly making a cracking sound – like cracking knuckles. I HATE that sound. I went slower for the last 5 minutes and tried not to move that knee as much as I had been. I hope it’s fine.

When I changed back into regular clothes, I couldn’t even put my jeans on standing up. I had to sit down to pull them on. I told him, and he said, “That’s what I like to hear!” Ha. Love it.

This was the toughest work out I’ve ever had. It was tough and I feel partially dead now, but it was also amazing. I want to be stronger. I want to be fit. I want to have a lot of muscle tone. It’s awesome. I need to work harder on eating right though. I’m already MUCH better than I was in college, but I did eat 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this past week. Yes, they were Thin Mints, and yes, they were delicious. Girl Scout cookie time of year is worse than Christmas for me. I’m all out of them now, thank goodness, but I won’t be able to say no if I run into anymore Girl Scouts.

Luckily, my work out buddy and I are going to check out that Herbalife meal replacement stuff tomorrow after our work out. We are going to try to split a container because we are poor. Lol. I know I will drink it, and I’m sure it will fill me up so much that I won’t be able to eat other things.

I really want to go to IHOP and get a blueberry pancake. I’ve been craving one for two weeks and haven’t been able to have one yet. Trainer buddy said I can’t have one, but it just sounds so yummy. And I would only eat one! Lol.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I LOVE girl scout cookies but there arent really any girl scouts that go around. My ex's father used to bring home tons of boxes because they used to go to his job, they are sooo yummy and addictive!

    Awesome job on the workout! Almost sounds like a workout that she be on the Biggest Loser show because that sounds insane! I dont have a lot of lower body strenght so if I was doing what you were doing I would have probably passed out midway lol! Good job though and if you keep up those type of workouts you will definitely see the results you want!

    As for the blueberry pancakes, they do sound yummy lol maybe you can set a date so you can go and have and it will be a reward :)
    4162 days ago
    Yes the girl scout cookies get you every time. My daughter is a girl scout and we had to order quite a few boxes to help her reach a goal. I'll be freezing some so we don't eat them too fast.
    4163 days ago
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