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What is the secret?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What is the secret to losing weight? I have tried for many years to no avail. I have watched my weight gradually rise except for in the last 2 years it seemed to show up all at once. . I don't understand, I believe I do all the things I'm suppose to do, like cutting out soda's on the most part, cutting out fat, and just plain watching what I eat. I don't understand, I still wear the same size pants for the last 20+ yrs, so I don't get it. I asked my Dr. how it is that I have gained about 25 lbs in the last 2 hyrs and yet still wear the same size. He said my weight just re-distributed. What is that suppose to mean? I have tried many things for weightloss. Some very popular avenues but once again, nothing. I lost about 20 lbs on one popular program, however, it was very expensive to keep buying the prepackaged food and it just wasn't reality thus I discontinued the use and gained the weight back and then some. I have cut out numerous things that pack on the calories and even do more exercise than I did in my younger days and still no results. I just seem to maintain where I am at. My dr. has told me that I am a candidate for gastric bypass or one of those kinds of surgeries but I do not want to go that route. It's not for me. I have a friend that had the bypass done and she is limited on what she eats. I don't think I could live that way. I love food to much and I don't think I could let go of certain foods. So, what is there left to do? I have struggled for so long that I feel maybe I should just give in and pay the extraordinary amout of money to where I want to be. I'm not asking to be at a weight that models are, that's unrealistic, I want to be at a healthy weight so that I am able to do the things that I would like to do. I would like to be able to walk and climb stairs without my one knee and my feel hurting.

So there ya go. I was feeling kind of down and thought I would put my thoughts on here.
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    Paula We have alot in common as far as not seeming to getting the weight lost.. I've been hovering at my weight now for years.. and try to lose and get as far as 5 pounds.. then come to a stand still and give up.. Maybe this time we can do it..One day at a time , one meal at a time.. and work on healthy habits.. one at at time. Its hard. no doubt about it. but we can do it.. I love what Spaeper said.. "believing in yourself and making a commitment to yourself.." Amen!

    Today is a begining.. and don't let a slip up stop you.. just move on and leave it in the past.. commit to the next meal or even the next minute to do something to contribute to your goals.. hugs Diane
    3641 days ago
    Hi Paula...
    I think the secret is a combination of fitness, nutrition, and support. The biggest part of this is loving yourself and BELIEVING in yourself, and most of all making a COMMITMENT to yourself.

    I don't have all the answers, I am just starting on this journey. But I do know that it won't be easy, but nothing that is worth it ever is. AND I AM WORTH IT. AND SO ARE YOU!!!

    Hang in there!
    3641 days ago
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