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Oh my goodness!!! **caution: don't read if you love fast food**

Monday, March 01, 2010

So, I'm back up again. I was lying in bed, trying to visualize my way out of this tough spell....wondering why I suddenly seem to hate myself for making a few poor food choices after seeing myself be successful with this whole process for the first time in years... I had some sugar here and there the past few days, yesterday it made me sleepy, but today it took it to another level. Its now important to disclose to you what I had this evening..... sushi roll (salmon on brown rice) with wasabi and low-sodium soy sauce, lettuce wraps with ground chicken, and an hour later, the most sinful churro you can ever imagine (if the churro got baptized in chocolate and filled with vanilla).

I started to think about what effect the sugar had on me.. I started googling sugar and depression....because I feel really bad, and unable to sleep... I haven't felt this way this in a while. Since I've been paying attention to what I eat, sleep has not nearly been as much of a problem.

Then, I come across this: http://www.city-data.com/forum

You don't have to go to the site, here is the part that opened my eyes:

Greenmachine posts: I made Hamburger Helper yesterday and ate the entire thing in two days, having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it was gone.
It brought me little happiness. Now today I am tired and depressed. I notice that whenever I start eating a lot of sugar and starch, I start sleeping a lot. I've been mildly depressed lately anyway, but the Hamburger Helper put me over the edge. I started eating it and couldn't stop. The more I ate, the more I wanted. Now, today, I'm a mess.

Yogikarategirl responds: MSG can cause depression, headaches, inflammation...

CLICK!! Suddenly, the seemingly innocuous choices I made at dinner beforehand reveal their ugly hand! I remember thinking at dinner, "hmm, soy sauce..haven't had that in a while.. I wonder what they used to season the chicken in the lettuce wraps"

Fast forward six hours... I can't sleep, I'm mad at myself over a damn churro, etc, but more importantly, I have all these feelings of self-loathing that have not been this severe since I was eating my old way. In fact, in the past few days, my feelings had been getting SO much better..even as recently as this afternoon.. before dinner.

I can't begin to process what this epiphany means for my diet. I just realize now that whatever they are putting into foods in restaurants is hazardous to my health, both physical and mental!

If you're sitting and reading this and finding it hard to believe, you're not alone.. so did I.

Has anyone else felt *anything* like this eating a substantial amount of processed foods after a round of clean eating?
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    That was an incredible blog, I really related to the post you found online about hamburger helper, I remember just needing to eat all of it when I used to make it in the past
    Thanks for the info
    3646 days ago
    hi thanks for that blog

    i think we all have trigger foods. like my is concentrated sweets. but the best thing is when i realized how it made me feel. when i ate it i was in heaven. but i with my disease i can eat to physical illness. when i was 9 yrs old i ate till i passed out.

    but for today we are all learning. i have tried not to feel guilty its a wasted emotion i have no time for.

    and when i slip into the darkness and i realize what i have put my body through i say,
    yesterday is history , tomorrow is a mystery, today is a GIFT . that is why they call it the PRESENT.

    take care and wtg on your running

    betty emoticon emoticon
    3646 days ago
    Sorry to hear you had to feel rotten to understand that it isn't only a losing weight issue with these foods, but a health and mental one. This happened to me on the weekend, and now I've learned a valuable lesson - it isn't guilt about the calories but about how awful the food makes you feel afterward. I'll chose more carefully next time. Hope you will too!
    3646 days ago
  • LAVON0673
    I know how you feel. I have started thinking about all the chemicals in processed food and have decided it is time to take control of what I put in my body and what goes into my children. I have even explained it to my children in those simple terms to help them understand why we don't want to eat those things full of chemicals that are not good for us. Opening your eyes to the truth and the facts can really help us stay on track with this healthy lifestyle. I still eat too much that is processed, but those things that used to tempt me don't sound so great any more and that helps.

    3647 days ago
    Education....scary what you find when you really look for the information. Personally I find that I don't eat much more than a salad when I eat out. I just don't trust people to make things so I can eat them. Salads (at least for now) are "safe".
    3647 days ago
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