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How losing the weight has saved my life this winter

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My life without a car continues as my insurance piles one screw-up after another in this never-ending battle to total out the car that was stolen on Jan 3. But that's neither here nor there, how this relates to my Spark Journey is I'm SOOO grateful I am fit and healthy and able to walk again. And that I started walking with gusto this past summer, because hoofin' it has become a daily fact of life in my world. And in what has been one of our coldest and continually snowy winters in many a year, being able to trust that if I can keep warm, my body will be able to carry me where I need to go, is a HUGE benefit. I can't imagine what I would have done if I'd found myself without transportation two years and 140 lbs ago.

Today, as I was trudging the span to make a bus connection --cross town so I wouldn't have to do the 1 hour 45 minute ride it takes normally because ALL our buses first go downtown and then go back outwards, which means the further out you live from the center of the city --which btw, hasn't been the 'center' of anything in our town for a decade and thus, obsolete as a 'transit hub' -- the longer it takes to do or go anywhere. For instance, my nearest major grocery store with a real produce section and healthy food options is only about 5 miles away. Unfortunately, it's cross town, not heading in or out of downtown for me, so it can take up to 3 buses to get there, 2 into the downtown hub and one back out. What would be a 15 minutes drive in busy traffic in a car, or is about a 1 hour walk for me, can take upwards of 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus. And you will still have to trudge a good half mile total between those bus connections.

But I digress...what amazed me was that today, to shorten the length of a bus trip, I decided to forego one bus, walk across town a part of the distance and catch the outgoing bus to where I needed to go. I didn't even think about it as I strapped on a backpack with the supplies I needed, wieghing a good 20lbs, and checked to be certain I had hand and toe warmers, since a nasty storm was heading in for the afternoon. Even the weather didn't really phase me, cause bundled up in my thrift-store purchased mega-insulated Land's End coat, the waterproof boots I got for Christmas and toe warmers in my boots, I realize I would not venture out in my car on roads like this, but hey, how many fatal piles-ups do you hear about on SIDEWALKS? None! :) It's a lot safer to walk than drive when everyone's cars are sliding about. (But beware cross walks and drivers who don't even notice pedestrians! LOL as I learned the hard way a couple days ago!)

I'm so used to planning for being out longer than I might anticipate or getting caught with a few extra miles to hike that I automatically now pack a nutrition bar, snacks, water and music for the trip and trudge out along walking paths now very familiar to me...and it hit me, this is a walk of a little over a mile. A MILE. And I think NOTHING of the trip, just throw on my coat and boots and am off before I can say boo! Heck, I think nothing of taking it carrying 20lbs on my back. WOW! That's amazing when I think how a couple years back, I used to ache all over and feel the strain of parking at the back of a big parking lot.

And riding home another route today, I began to see just how many various buses come within a couple miles of my house in various directions. Now that I can easily make that trip, it does open a lot of opportunities to me to just get out of the house when being trapped here without transportation begins to make me a bit nuts and longing for comfort food. I'm not saying I can get used to a life completely without my own transportation, but I will admit, it's a lot less of a prison because I'm stronger, healthier and can move for myself now. So for that, today, I'm thankful.

What are you thankful for on your journey today? I'd love to hear so post a comment!

Thanks for reading me and remember, keep going, it's worth it! In soooo many ways you can't even imagine, your life will be better for taking the healthy journey. :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fabulous attitude! I hope things straighten out for you on the car front, but it is wonderful that you are taking care of yourself without it!
    4133 days ago
    OMG what am I NOT thankful for, these days? LOL

    - Actually LIKING what I see in the mirror
    - Knowing how to cook fish in the toaster oven at work
    - Being able to walk into a consignment shop and walk out again with 2 pairs of size "8" pants ($4.50 each) AND $34 cash from the clothes I gave 'em that sold...
    - Thinking little of hopping on the elliptical for an hour AFTER 20 min warmup and 30 min weight lifting
    - Being able to see food as fuel and appreciate the effects of good nutrition
    - Watching myself get stronger and leaner and able to go farther, faster, and lift heavier weights
    4135 days ago
    You amaze me. How you do make things seem less of a chore and more of an opportunity. Keep telling me this and maybe I will start to see things this way too,

    BTW, I Love the thought of Sidewalk pileups emoticon

    You can call if you need/want a ride somewhere...... emoticon
    4135 days ago
    I am lucky to be car-less in Oakland, California. I have 3 grocery stores within 2 miles, and most things I want to do are within 7 miles, so I'm biking everywhere. Bikes- not so good in snow! And YES- being lighter by 155 pounds does make a huge difference. I don't feel trapped by the loss of the car at all. Hooray for being fit! Well- except when my arthritis really jumps in my face... sigh. It's better, but still, not good when it's 40 degrees and rains for 3 days. Sigh.

    4136 days ago
    Wonderful, inspiring blog. That's turning lemons into lemonade. Hope you get your car situation resolved, but truly I am glad you are strong enough to brave the elements and distance to get out of the house and get what you need. Big WAY TO GO to you!!
    4136 days ago
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