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Monday, February 22, 2010

First of all it is the ole' TOM and I'm not trying to make excuses (at least I don't think I am ) but I just want to eat JUNK JUNK JUNK the last 2 days!

Oh yeah, I count it and track it and I even think I am kind of JUSTIFYING IT! (by tracking it.... fooling myself there... what a crock!) LOL

I am talking Hostess powdered donuts (8, eight, yes I SAID 8!! today and 4 yesterday!) and fudgesicles (4 Yesterday and 2 today) so 230 calories yesterday on donuts and 575 today!!!

The fudgesicles have 60 calories each!

WHAT a waste of empty calories! Tons of sugar too! It is like I am in a "daze" probably am from all that sugar! WAKE me UP PLEASE!

Just think yesterday I changed my user name to Sherlyn-will! She will alright... overdose on chocolate and donuts! LOL

Ok, I have confessed, I did beat myself up over this.... all day while eating it!

AND now I have to ask you guys.... do you think TOM makes you crave certain foods or is that in my head????
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    I agree with you. TOM makes you crave things as you saw in my blog. I can always tell when it's getting close because I want chocolate and something salty, too!
    3575 days ago
    Who's TOM? Do tell! This young 'un needs an education like no other. Everybody else here knows who TOM IS, and I am really lost. Tom the turkey? chuckling....okay I have to forget about TOM until you come see me to fill me in a little more there. Now on to your SUGAR OVERDOSE......who the heck am I to slap ya darlin'? Just one question....why dont you go back and read my last blog when you have that box of dounts in your lap! Those critters havent moved out yet! I think they are trying to set up a rent account at this bed & breakfast called my midsection and hiney beniney broadened a bit with them fighting over the less space available from nearly 200 pounds missing. ha

    Im tellin ya if you dont stop eating those round things...you are going to be rollin' everywhere girl! they are like wheels you know...."the wheels in SHERYLN-WILL GO ROUND & ROUND, ROUND & ROUND, ROUNDDDD & ROUNDDDDDD...." NEED I SAY MORE??? Oh fiddle the hogs are fightin' I bess get them settled down! lol Talk to you soon~ :o). You are great!

    ~Diane~an> emoticon

    3579 days ago
    Yes, TOM can really screw up a diet!! DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER THIS! Just hang in there and keep up the good work!
    3579 days ago
    Tom or no Tom .... and the point is??? It is what it is. Life is too short to beat yourself up over what has been. Keep smiling sunshine.
    3580 days ago
    You are right--tracking doesn't justify excess junk, but tracking is still so VALUABLE. It's still so worth it to give yourself the information about how much what you put in your body "cost" in terms of calories, or in terms of how much activity will be required to burn it off again!! emoticon
    Be kind to yourself about this. But it's also helpful to embrace the reality that another approach to the cravings would actually benefit you more, would be more truly taking care of yourself. Could you think of another kind of pleasure to allow yourself? An aromatic bubble bath, an absorbing story to read with your feet up, a time smiling over old photo albums, a home manicure, a window-shopping excursion . . . or whatever indulgence would relax and refresh you without packing in excess carbs.
    Self-condemnation will not bring the changes you seek---but strategy can!
    emoticon emoticon
    3580 days ago
    Slap, Slap!

    There ya go! Now forget about it and have a great, positive day tomorrow. Confession is good for the soul, lol. We've all been there so you are not alone. TOM does awful things to us!Drink your water and have a great day tomorrow.
    3580 days ago
    I HATE TOM and PMS to go with it! That's the worst for me! I crave...........well, what don't I crave?? No, it's not in your head!!!!!!!!!!! Just don't beat yourself up over it, PLEASE!! We all have those days. Now it's just time to crawl out of the sugar daze and feel better for it!! Easier said than done I know, so just hang in there until it's over with!!
    emoticon Cindy
    3580 days ago
    I definitely know how you feel. Personal experience tells me that beating myself up over it doesn't work very well. I crave chocolate during TOM (and before). I don't know if it's because I really do crave it, or because I think I'm allowed to crave it when TOM is near, but whatever. It happens. My strategy is to get a bar of the darkest chocolate I can find and to eat one or two squares a day. That usually satisfies my craving and I can fit it in my calorie range for the day.

    I hope you get past your cravings soon, and don't beat yourself up too much!
    3580 days ago
  • LANEE723
    Oh my goodness I know how you feel. TOM does make me crave. Some months I want to eat chocolate all day long and other days something greasy will do. Unfortunately for my family, I am a witch this month. emoticon
    3580 days ago
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