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Monday, February 22, 2010

An honorable mention of TallTabby, who wasn't able to attend... Hope to see you next Rally!

We had a SPARKtacular time, in spite of Chris Downie's failure to call (TWICE, now, but we're moving on...)

The reason for what we do is captured in this video, 2 of 3 for February's SparkRally 2010. We do it because our team has adopted the concept inspired through Sparks, and have made it a daily lifestyle. We are all works in progress.

You know, our team is like a great big pool. There are so many swimmers on different levels. Some swim VERY well, and some are very skittish. Some can only thread water, and some cannot swim at all. The common thread is; everyone WANTS to swim. So, you have swimmers teaching the nonswimmers, and expert swimmers giving tips to novice ones. The wonderful thing about our team is: NO ONE DROWNS. So, those of us who are regular participants, let's keeping helping each other wade, and those who would like to join, please...come on in..the water's fantastic.

Stay Positive And Remember, Keep Swimming. Thank you Sparks, for saving my life, and thank you, Columbia, SC team, for adding a much needed spice to my recipe of healthy living. I truly embrace you as family. Cheers!
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