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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Why am I excitedly blogging about 189.6? This is the first time I've seen myself on this side of 190 in a few months!! I was getting so scared of eventually seeing the 200 mark ... that I went out to buy a scale! I decided I need to be more accountable with my weight. I don't like to rule by it, but lets just say the other approach wasn't working for me, either ;) I now will be able to track my body fat as well. I have work to do, yes, but I wasn't expecting to be under 190 so quickly :) Two weeks after my confessional on here.... stating my personal myth of not being able to lose weight... I'm doing exactly that!!

Tonight, I had my treat meal... argentinian food and french dessert. I will try not to leave details of my cheats here, because I wouldn't want to read about yours Monday-Friday when I'm trying to do the right thing ;) But tonight's treat was SO good, so right ON THE MARK, that I'm ready to ease back into my healthy eating on Sunday :)

Note: I will re-submit this weight in the morning.. I was so excited about the new scale that I took this measurement as soon as I got home (from eating dessert)! Thats definitely not the time I want to post my weekly measurement!

Hey, Sparkpeople... I LOVE you all!!
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