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Progress: Eating more whole foods, fewer sweets (shh, don't tell my body its good for me)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, this week has been much better for exercise. I made it back to the gym, and really enjoyed my time on the bicycle/elliptical. The rest of the week, I focused on yoga. I did one pilates session, and found it tough after a long break. Today, I bought my first pair of running shoes in 1.5 years! I meant to replace them about 8 months ago, but it was so close to my race that I didn't want to break in new shoes beforehand. And yes, I forgot once I finished the race. Anyhow, I have my first pair of Nikes in my running career. Apparently, they have created a motion control shoe and redesigned their foot platform. The shoes are so cute! I can't find my old Nike sensor, my garmin is completely dead, so I'm going to replace the sensor in the morning.

I am going to do my 4 mile walk, hopefully tomorrow. I may try just a bit of running, but my ankle was weak on the elliptical..so I really don't want to take it too far.

As far as eating goes, this week was pretty good. I cooked a lot, and ate very few artificial sweets (a drink on Wednesday), or foods with added sugar. Now that its the weekend, and I have permission to have sweets, I honestly don't want to go too far. I don't want to 'need' sugar to get through my day. So, for today, I'm enjoying a glass of wine.

When I do eat sweets, I'm trying to make better choices. Its funny. I think about a Pizookie from BJs, which I used to LOVE, and tell myself, now you KNOW that has high fructose corn syrup! Its getting harder and harder to indulge without coming across something that I know isjust outright BAD for me!

But, if you ever want something with an amazing chocolate taste, without being highly processed, try Jocalat by Larabar. Just organic cocoa, dates, and nuts :) Much lower in fat/sat fat than most chocolate bars.

So, there is my week all. I'm not going for perfection, but I feel stronger and more connected to my body's needs than I was the week before ;)

P.S. I ordered a tofu veggie bowl this afternoon. I tried to substitute brown rice, but they didn't have it. The guy offered to replace all the rice with veggies. I decided to just have more veggies and less rice. This time last week, I would have just had the regular amount of rice! LOL! I would not have imagined someone could modify my order, and double my veggie intake just like that! Next, i asked him to put the sauce on the side. Now, I know that there was still a lot of sodium and seasoning in that bowl, but I was proud of myself for taking off what I could :) I only dipped my tofu in the sauce twice, then forgot about it. I tried the Miso soup and said, yup, that tastes like sodium :) I'm happy that I'm finally "getting" why restaurant food should be an occasional indulgence. Its just not made in a way that is healthy for you to eat everyday!

Also, I'm doing better about eating in 3 hour intervals. Last night, I made black beans with whole wheat orzo, basil, tomatoes, and garlic.

I think that I'm breaking out of the processed food cycle, once again!
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