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At Wits End

Monday, February 08, 2010

I was not having a good day today, I just was so upset with that scale. It just was getting me so down. I was even considering taking diet pills to see if they would start kick my weight more. I have added my activity from 4 miles to 7 miles walking and treadmill. I do 100 laps in the pool. I just cannot figure why the scale is not responding. I have not changed my calories at all I only do 1200 calories a day.

Let me explain a little. About 5 years ago I lost weight, i went form a size 14 to a 4/6. I was 115 pounds. When I did this I was using diet pills to do it. When I went off the diet pills I ended gaining weight back very fast to the largest size I ever was.

There was a huge emotional issue going on in my life at the time. A guy wanted me to lose the weight so I would be thin. This guy was very controlling, and trying to make me a different person, to one he could be happy to be with. I met this guy why I was going through a divorce, the marriage had lasted 25 years. I had not been with a different guy for years. To make a long story short. It took me awhile but I finally realized it was a wrong relationship. Thing is the guy was the one who ended it. I was not happy with who I was. I really had a problem with self. After this relationship ended I was just so hurt I just did not care anymore and I hated life. So I blew up to 225 and I really did not care.

When I finally woke up to what I had done to myself I wanted to do it right. I knew the diet pills were the easy way. Plus I had a huge problem with my heart, the pills made it irregular.

But I am tempted this is for sure, even though I know that this is not the way to go. I am just getting so inpatient right now. So I talked about it on the teams site. Then I just went on the treadmill. I did 4 miles, then I did a 3 mile DVD. So now I am feeling more positive, and a little better. I really got to try and keep all this in perspective and just be patient and do the right thing.

With all of my friends here on Spark I know I can do this it just may take me a whole lot longer than I realized, but I guess that will be ok.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You can do a fantastic job! Keep yourself motivated and remember that we're here for you!
    4184 days ago
    I just want to add one more comment, I hope you don't mind. I took a quick look at your shared nutrition tracker. A few people have suggested your calories are too low. So what kind of calories should you add? I would suggest that you add some protein before noon as well as an additional snack. The 5 small meals concept keeps the furnace going (think of adding a log to the fire). (I will try and take my own advice this week too!) emoticon
    4185 days ago
    Whew - I was so nervous when I first started reading your blog. I was so glad to read the end of your blog and hear you say "I know that this is not the way to go." You are so right - diet pills are not the way to go. You are doing a great job with the exercise! You might try to increase your calories from day to day - 1500 calories one day and 1200 calories the next. That will sometimes help you get out of a plateau. Just hang in there! You are doing an awesome job. The numbers on the scale will start going down soon!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4185 days ago
    Don't take the pills it is a quick fix. 1200 calories might not be enough if you are exercising alot. I don't eat enough during the day therefore grab anything and eveything at night.
    4185 days ago
  • **CHARLIE**
    You are very wise. Listen to yourself. Diet pills are not the answer. There's a reason why they make your heartbeat irregular.

    I often hit a platau as well and it's discouraging, but then my hard work catches up to me and I lose weight. You can do it. emoticon
    4185 days ago
  • GABBIE00
    they say you have to eat to lose weight.try eating a little more and see if that work.don't give up,you can do this
    4185 days ago
    You can do it! Don't let the scale bring you down!
    4185 days ago
    Like the others have said - you're not taking in enough calories! Use the nutrition and activity trackers to have your needs calculated. Our bodies are very, very efficient in going into scavenger mode and hanging onto every little scrap.
    4185 days ago
    Hey honey. Maybe your goal this week should be to not step on the scale for the week.
    I am also wondering if your calories are too low for the amount of activity you are getting. I was intrigued by users of the BodyBugg commenting that they really noticed that when their calories were too low they did NOT lose weight. This is a link I found that is specific to people with low thyroid (i have not been diagnosed with this but sometimes I wonder....)


    It gives some calculations for the number of calories required.

    Hang in there and keep consistent for your health!! emoticon
    4186 days ago
    After reading your blog, you are my hero. You found yourself and now you are doing something just for you. Hang in there spark friend. You can do it. We all love you here.
    4186 days ago
  • MAGSA10
    You are doing a super job on the exercise, please becareful. You don't want to throw your body into a starvation mode because you are eating the low end of your daily calories allowed but maybe really going way over on your daily calories burned. Sometimes this will cause the scale not to move even though you are going like crazy on the exercise. Try to change up your calorie count on every other day or so if you are going to keep with the high exercise program. Just an idea to throw around. Have a great week and stay strong and keep on Sparking.

    Maggie j. emoticon
    4186 days ago
    Please don't do diet pills. They are not the answer, and they can be dangerous. Just hang in there tracking your food and doing your exercise. You'll get where you need to be. Relationships come and go. Try to avoid controlling guys. You are worth more than that.
    4186 days ago
    I can relate. My scales haven't moved anywhere except up even though I am following my diet except for a slight relapse on Saturday. It can be very discouraging. Diet Pills are not the answer. I would probably not be as heavy as I am today if I had left diet pills alone. I too gained a bunch of weight over a man one time. It is so not worth it. We will both get our weight off but it will take time. We didn't put it on overnight, it only seems that way. Right now I am feeling so discouraged too. I haven't been able to find a job and my husband and I are fighting a lot right now. I am determined to keep going though for myself and my children. My scales have been acting up so they probably aren't working right. Maybe you are having the same problem with yours. Unfortunately I do not have the money to replace them right now. I have been eating healthy for only a month. Right now I haven't started exercising yet. At least it seems you doing very good with that. You are doing all the right things so hopefully it will payoff soon. emoticon
    4186 days ago
    The best you can do is look forward -- time and effort will get you back to where you want. Be choosy about who you let in your life, make sure they are positive and encouraging.

    You can do it, just take it one day at a time. Awesome job on your exercise today! I always feel better when I'm finished too.

    4186 days ago
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