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man boobs much?!?

Monday, February 08, 2010

For obvious reasons I truly don't want to post this blog. The fact that I am doing a shirtless portion in my blog is scary. My flaws are uncovered in a way I am actually quiet uncomfortable in.

This actually makes me want to make my spark page private but I'm hoping that me "showing off my stuff" will inspire someone in some way.

I've got to do this and I will! I can't allow myself to continue to make stupid choices over and over again. I've gotta crush this under my foot!

love you all!

- Chris
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    Christopher, You are awesome... I love that you have stepped out and put yourself on video like that.. I think I know you better then anyone and that was a BIG step for you to make this blog.. You can do this.. We can do this.. yes we will have bad days sometimes bad weeks.. but I know there will be that day that we hit goal and baammmmm we are thin... yay.. you and me against the fat..
    Love you
    3639 days ago
    How awesome are you! I know it's rough to put yourself out there, but you should be so proud.

    3640 days ago
    Chris, I love you!!! You have all the courage that I hope to have one day. You and Kelly are going to rock this competition this week!!!
    3640 days ago

    #1. You inspire me. Thank you...I enjoy watching your vlogs because you are funny and you are just a real person - that really means a lot. You are very brave and I think that is awesome!!

    #2. One thing that I used to do when I would get discouraged about my weight loss is that I used to go to the grocery store and I would find (blank) pounds of food that equaled my weight loss at the time. I challenge you to go to your grocery store and pick up 3 - 5lb bags of sugar and image that on your body. Imagine carrying it around (and maybe even try carrying it around for a few isles). You will feel better about your AWESEOME 15 lb loss. ((I know you want more...and I know it is discouraging - but 15 lbs is better than NO lbs!!!))

    We can all do this! I also think that your challenge with your friend is great :o) Keep up the good work!!!
    3640 days ago
    You are my hero. I can tell that was hard, and I couldn't do it (of course, I'm old and people would totally hurl), but I WILL now have some honest "Before" pics made.

    Remember, every step toward your goal........
    3640 days ago
    Chris after watching your vblog I was impressed by how very brave you are to show all before the camera. I know that when I had some digital photos taken of me for my before pictures, I was too embarrassed to even put them on my computer where only I would be the one to see them. Losing 15 pounds too is a great achievement and you should be extremely proud of the fact that you're losing weight when it could so easily be the other way around. Good luck in your endeavors Chris... believe it or not, you're an inspiration to others who have problems (like me) showing what we've done to ourselves. Maybe if we were as brave as you and do what you've done, then we'd try even harder to lose our weight and get fit.
    Proud of you.
    3640 days ago
  • RHYNO9
    You seem disappointed about the 15 pounds lost last year. So after I watched your blog I looked at your fitness tracker and then read some of your comments on other blogs.

    I am going to state a bunch of obvious stuff. Sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else.

    You state that you don't work out frequently. You know that to lose weight you have to restrict calories. If you restrict 250 per day you will lose just over 2 pounds per month which is about what you have done. If you add 250 calorie burn on cardio (30 minutes elliptical) you will double your loss. Now restrict 500 calories per day and add 500 calorie burn (60 minutes elliptical) and now we are losing 8 pounds per month. It really is that simple.

    You are in control of your weight loss. But you have to do the work. Now go use that gym membership that you are paying for anyways.

    You can do it!
    3640 days ago
    Chris you are one of the bravest people I know - I don't even like to look at my before pictures-lol.
    You always have a way of making me smile when I watch your vblogs and that is certainly something I needed after the last 2 bad days so thanks for that.
    Good luck on your challenge I look forward to hearing your
    updates and seeing the results in your next month vblog.

    emoticon Keep up the positive attitude and get your self in gear - you will do great.

    Beth emoticon
    3640 days ago
  • RENA1965
    Don't worry about the chest, many young men have this problem. I was watching a doctor program where three doctors went on the streets and had teenagers and young people approach them with embrassing problems. Sometimes it is a hormone thing besides weight, my own son has this problem too and many body builders with no body fat also...
    3640 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/9/2010 1:49:03 AM
    Hello daaaarling! Great vlog! I remember when you were afraid to put up your pics...look how far you've come! You are going to ROCK this! Great idea that you and Kelly had! Hmmm....maybe I should start taking bets to see who will win....lol Toodles for now!
    3640 days ago
    You are very brave! Hang in there you obviously know what you want, and how to do it, so just jump in and do it.

    Can't wait to see your next video blog so we can see your progress!

    3641 days ago
    WOOOT He's back and it's good to see you again. You can do this Chris, you lost 15. something already, so keep it up and just think, you could SO BE AT GOAL this summer...

    We are all here for you! Always!

    Love you bunches
    Auntie T
    3641 days ago
    Chris don't be embarrassed! Next month you will start shrinking and when you compare videos you will be glad you did it! Good luck to you and Kelly!

    3641 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/8/2010 9:06:51 PM
    YOUR SO BRAVEEEEE!! and do be ashamed... we are all here for weight loss, who are we to judge?!?! 15 pounds is still great! And i truly believe you will get to your goal :) we both will! I think its so awesome you are doing a chris vs kelly thing haha. That will push you! I think its great. good job!
    3641 days ago
    Chris, you are So brave to do that. Great job on the video. It was reallllyyy good :D Such a corageous guy to take your shirt off for us. You can totally do this sweetie!
    3641 days ago
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