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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Okay -- seems like I am having a problem keeping a pedometer. Does anyone use one? Am I pedometer-inept? I mean really?? How hard can these be to operate??

I finally threw the last one away in frustration!! I have either dropped them so many times they stop working, hit the reset button so many times throughout the day it registers a big fat ZERO by the end of the day or forget to wear the thing!!

I found this link:


Many great ideas but I want to hear from my Spark buddies. Does anyone use one, what brand or WHAT am I doing wrong??


Thanks in advance for you valuable assistance! Keep sparking!!

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    I bought a cheapy from Wallyworld for about $10 and I couldnt get it to work right. I set my stride (I am short so I dont have much of a stride) but it didnt seem to count when I stepped. I would literally count my steps in my head and it would display 3 times what I counted. I didnt trust it at all, so I dont use it. I like my heart rate monitor for the fact that I may not know how many steps Ive taken but I can accurately count the burned calories. My mom has an Ipod Nano and she said the pedomenter in it works pretty good but I dont know how much she actually uses it... lol
    I was reading in my womens health magazine about this thing called a FitBit (I believe its FitBit.com) and it tracks a lot of nifty things. How many actual hours of sleep you get verses your laying down time... It was a little pricey at $99 but it looked really cool... Im still researching it to see if its worth the investment. Check it out, it may be my reward for hitting onederland... we'll see =]

    3938 days ago
    I've gone thru many. They aren't accurate for me at all. With the same troubles many others mentioned. No potty for me though! I gave up. The cheap ones, the expensive ones, all a waste for me. I go by mileage. Somewhere I read to walk 5 miles a day and that is about 10K steps. I've been going 4 and living in a 3 story house for the rest of the steps. Probably this is what's keeping me from loosing weight!
    3941 days ago
    this is funny....i rec'd a free one recently but it was horrible!!! I could not set my step, it counted steps i did not take and counted more than I did LOL
    3944 days ago
  • MTNHIKER1971
    no help here... Iwant to get one though but after reading this post... I'm not so sure. It would be cool to keep track of how many steps you do a day, if nothing else, to give me something to log in for activity minutes, lol ugh
    3946 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2112467
    I used a pedometer all the time a couple years ago - and it drove me mad! I forgot it half the time, I dropped it, one fell in the potty eeeewwwww! I lost one at Khols. OMG! I finally said "F it!"

    I am pedometer inept! emoticon
    3947 days ago
    I use one made by Dicks sporting goods and it seems pretty easy to use.
    3947 days ago
    I never can get the darn things to work right!
    3947 days ago
    hahah I think I am like you, I ALWAYS forget to put mine on. Its somewhere in my room... idk where but its there! And I am always like, ok today I am going to look for it and put it on! Then nope... doesnt happen...

    Good luck! Hope you get some good ideas from other spark-ettes!
    3947 days ago
    I have a pedometer! I use a regular curves pedometer and it seems to work just fine! Sometimes when I sit hunched over I reset the numbers because of the position of the buttons on the face of the machine and I have dropped it a few times where the battery has gone flying but beyond that, this little thing is AWESOME. I love it. I recommend it, too. It's a simple little device but it's totally worth it for me.

    Don't keep it on when you're driving. I've gotten into a car with a thousand steps, been driven around for ten minutes and have come out with like three thousand steps, LOL!
    3947 days ago
    I've had problems with pedometers. Over the past three years, I have gone through 8 pedometers. I don't know if this is typical or not. My woes have ranged from them not working properly (re-set themselves, didn't count steps accurately (300 steps for an entire day?!!!)); fallen into the toilet bowl; and meeting their untimely death by smashing on the floor.

    However, my trials and tribulations are over. I have found a happy ending. I'm current;y using a pedometer by Omron and I love it!!! It is working great and (knock on wood!) has lasted me the longest of any, thus far!

    Hope this helps!
    3947 days ago
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