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Tried on my Wedding Dress....and it was great!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today is the day! I went today to the Bridal Shop and tried on my dress for the first time! This morning I was really nervous. I was afraid that somehow my dress wouldn't fit. I've been doing pretty good on my weightloss so far. I'm down 12 pounds from when I started which is exciting! I had a dream a couple nights ago, though, that my dress wouldn't fit and then we had to reorder it and it wasn't in in time for the wedding so I had nothing to wear. (I just love the wedding drama dreams that I keep having! hahaha)

The dress fit great though! I will even need to get it altered quite bit! The lady asked me if I had been losing a little bit of weight since the dress was a bit too big in the waist area! The women at the bridal shop were just gushing about how great I looked in the dress! I know, I know, they are probably paid to do that! It still felt nice though.

Having tried on my dress, I have new inspiration for losing some more weight! I know I shouldn't be going crazy with this weight loss though, I don't want to have too many alterations on my dress. I am excited though! What a great day!

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