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All about my SECOND date..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

here we go!!
I finally found my outfit..leopard print tank top with a black sweater over it, flat boots with jeans tucked in them, and dark denim jeans. We met at downtown disney and ended up parking near one another (thank goodness!). He greeted me with a HUGE hug and told me that he missed me and that i looked great. We went to the rainforest cafe and it was a 3o minute wait so we decided to walk around the shops. I held his hand :) while we were walking, and we just had a good time. Then we went back to the restaurant and i ordered the yummiest chicken EVER. He got salmon and let me try it (never had salmon before, didnt really like it). He ended up liking my chicken more than his meal which was good because they gave me SO much! Then he was like ok, I know you watch what you eat but we have to split a piece of chocolate cake. Holy moly, it was so good. I only ate 2 bites because it was so rich. but GOOD! He paid for the meal, then we walked around a little bit more..I was started to FREEZE so he suggested we go see a movie. He really wanted to see "Legion" so we saw that. During the movie, it was just like before, he was massaging my leg and kissed me a few times. The movie was...okay. Definitely not my thing but it wasnt BAD. After the movie, we walked back to the car talking about the superbowl (He decided he IS going to have a party) and he said he would like to see me before then too if possible. Then he gave me a big good night kiss and a huge hug and opened my car door for me..he is just so great. He is also very into working out and eating good. He just started doing P90X (so stoked, i didnt want to have to buy the dvds lol) and he is so easy to talk with. We never have a dull moment or akward silence, hes totally a gentleman..and it has to be said, he is GORGEOUS! He said next time he might take me to an improv show...so we will see!!! Yay for success of date #2!!

PS Had to weigh in for one of my team challenges, jumped on the scale THIS MORNING...146.5!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO! SO HAPPY!
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