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Friday, January 29, 2010

I should blog about something... anything...

I've been working hard and concentrating on work. When I'm not working I've been at hockey, tai chi, or yoga, or in front of the TV, but most of all sleeping.

Fighting homesickness, mostly successfully.

Read my "The Spark" book which has got me motivated to work on my long term goals. I've been trying to get myself some work on various farms for the summer. I'm torn... on the one hand I'd love to be a farmer, I have ideas, and motivation. On the other hand I love water and I'm so good at it. Can't do both, (OK, well I could have a garden and do water but that's not quite the same) and why am I stressing about it anyway? Long Term goals are so very far away.

I seem to be out of the doghouse at work. That's nice.

Ummm... Oh I tried getting below 155 recently. Worked really hard at it, but it backfired and I ended up exhausted and starving. I think 157 is where I need to be for long term sustainability. I'm considering tattooing it on the inside of my wrist the number 157. I've been fighting stomach pain and nausea quite a lot the last few weeks. I can't tell if I'm sick or if I have an ulcer, but I cut way back on my tea, and fruits and vegetables and now I feel better. Coincidence? I can't live on chocolate milk, potatoes, and cookies forever, but they do seem to be helping right now.

lots of snow, makes me happy for the town, but I'd love some green about now.

DH wants to go on "Vacation" All I see is money that could be going to something "important." His Idea is Tropical. Anyone have an idea? I looked up Char's Corn Island idea, not quite what the rest of my family was thinking about, but I'd do it in an instant.

ok well that's all the writing I can manage right now. Happy Friday everyone.
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    I can rec the southern Caribbean side of Costa Rica that is not developed like the Pacific Side. I have a lot of rec's to do this trip rather economically and still nice. I worked a lot in the country and was married there which included a week of local service projects as well as surfing.
    3839 days ago
  • F8CONE8
    I'm not sure what you consider "important" but believe me nothing is more important than quality time with family. I wish I'd taken more time off when I was younger as now my baby is grown up and lives way too far away from me. (sigh) At my age it is more about people than stuff.

    I know you miss Oregon and we miss you but Colorado has some charm. How about a trip to Mexico? Some sunshine? or maybe just take a short jaunt to Colorado Springs? I don't know but sounds like a break would do you good. Hugs!
    3884 days ago
    Back when I had money- right about now- I used to search for the 'cheapest' air flights- and would get $50 round trips to Mexico, or the Carribean, and like that. I didn't make any hotel reservations, and would find hotels in the $8. a night range. I could go for 5 days, and spend about $150. on the trip. Seemed so worth it when I was living in the tundra.... I'd just start craving sunshine, heat, and green. As long as you are willing to 'wing' it, you can go cheap, cheap, cheap in February. I love Hualtulco, Oaxaca, Mex.... where the Mexican's go for vacations. If you are both willing to do it on the cheap- my daughter & I spent about $250. for 5 days... not bad, in terms of bliss per dollar. I stay away from the American ghettos- where every body speaks English.
    You've got the training to make money working the water world- your income would drop to very little switching at this point. Not to rain on your parade... but you might want to do the switch once the kids are out of college. Doing part time and learning skills for now... that makes tons of sense to me.
    Wow- I do love to give advice.... do what works for you, take care.
    157 is a good number... enjoy!
    3885 days ago
    Coach Nicole wrote a post about her weight and she's in the 150+ range.


    If a health professional as active as she is weighs that then I figure that's pretty darned good.
    3885 days ago
    Oooh, tropical sounds lovely...but have absolutely NO experience with that...lol!

    My travels have been SO limited throughout my life. This past year traveling to Sad Diego from upstate NY was HUGE for me! Has me yearning for more, but my wallet knows better...

    GL in your choices...!

    3885 days ago
    When you least expect it - the weight drops. Quit working at it and just let it happen.

    Glad to hear you are out of the doghouse at work!
    3885 days ago
    Hi there Lee Lynn!

    Kauai is really a paradise and relatively easy to get to. And of course there's the Caribbean, also very accessible. I personally like the Mexican Caribbean...or Belize, or Central America!

    I also want to share my blog today with you:

    R>Blessed be,
    BTW, what IS this weirdness at the end of my post???
    3885 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/29/2010 1:01:02 PM
  • _VALEO_
    Glad you're feeling better, and found your maintenance weight.

    I don't think farming and water are so antinomic--water is crucial for farming, and farms can be very greedy. There might be something that you can do to link both.

    Depends on what ideas of vacation your family have in mind: tropical and idlness, or tropical and "educational" vacation or fitness-oriented?

    3885 days ago
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