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1 Aha and 5 WooHoos!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1 Aha and 5 WooHoos!

I’ve had a very interesting week, and I felt like I needed to share it with everyone! But I need to preface it by explaining what Aha and WooHoo mean. If you haven’t read “The Spark,” I greatly encourage you to; it’s full of great information. In chapter 4 on “Fire” it talks about breakthroughs. There are three steps to a breakthrough, the Aha moment, the WooHoo moment and the Breakthrough point.
“-The Aha Moment – This is when you realize something for the first time-such as how many calories you consume in a day.
-The WooHoo Moment – This is when you have taken action and want to celebrate. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve run a mile without stopping and you want to shout ‘WooHoo’ to the world.
- The Breakthrough Point – When you string together enough small steps made up of Aha and WooHoo Moments, you start stacking the odds in your favor. Now it’s a virtual guarantee that you are closing in on a Breakthrough Point. This could be when you reach your goal of losing 50 pounds and are living a healthy lifestyle. It could be looking great for your wedding. Or, as in my case, it could be reaching a personal tipping point, when all aspects of your program begin working together. A breakthrough Point is something that can accelerate you life, allowing you to enjoy experiences you may have never thought possible.” – Chris Downie, The Spark

This week has been great! It had a small roller coaster effect in the middle, but the end result was fantastic! I was already going strong on my exercise streak last week, and it continued through Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Unfortunately on Sunday I had to let sleep trump me. I was sad, but it had been a long weekend with less sleep than normal, and I only got 5 hours Saturday night into Sunday as it was. And this week I had two different days where I didn’t eat as well as I could have, but they were two very different outcomes.

On Friday, my husband and I went to the North American International Auto Show. I ate well in the morning, and I drank all my water, and I took my walk. Then we ate lunch at the show. There were not a lot of choices, so instead of choosing the best choice that was available, I used it as an excuse to eat terribly. I had an entire personal size pizza with ranch dressing on it. EEK!! After the snow my husband asked if we could go to Denny’s for dinner. Of course I said this was fine and used this as another excuse just to forget healthy for the day as long as the next day I could get up and get back on track. So I ate a burger and French fries with all the fixin’s. So this was a bad day and a downward spiral that I could have turned around sooner but I did not. I did however, get up on Saturday morning and go for a walk and ate well all day. But I strategically chose not to weigh myself this day so I wouldn’t get discouraged. Then Sunday came around. This was my second not so good day. As I previously stated I didn’t walk because I needed sleep. Then after Church my mom and dad took us out to breakfast. I really wanted to be good, but I didn’t know what to have. So I went for the buffet! Big mistake! Of course I over ate. I wanted to get my money’s worth. But this time, instead of letting the rest of the day be terrible, I drank all my water and ate well. A downward spiral turned upward! WooHoo! (This is WooHoo moment number one.)
On Monday, I came home from work about 6:30pm and ate my planned dinner. After dinner I waited a while, played around on SP.com and then I did my favorite Leslie Sansone walking video. After this I calmed down and went to bed early. I then go up at 5am on Tuesday to do another round of my workout video! WooHoo! That has never happened before. I could not even believe myself that I’d done it! I was so proud of myself. (WooHoo moment #2) I then logged my food for breakfast and lunch and went to work. I had to eat a quick dinner after work before we had to head out to our weekly dart match. (My husband and I are on a steel tip dart league). So I’d been trying to figure out all day what I was going to eat. My husband finally suggested Subway. I was like “DUH” why didn’t I think of that? So I grabbed a $5.00 footlong on my way home. I’ve never been able to force myself to get wheat over white bread, but this time I did it!  I had the intention to only eat 6” of it. This has been trouble in the past, I never only eat ½. But this time I did it. I controlled my temptation and only ate 6” of that sub! WooHoo! (WooHoo moment #3)

Then this morning I got up to weigh myself. I totally expected that I would stay the same, or maybe go up slightly after looking at some mid week changes and because of my terrible eating choices. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and saw the 3.2 lb. weight loss! WooHoo! (WooHoo moment #4) I couldn’t believe my eyes. I guess the hard work in between the bad work paid off. I’m now 15.6 lbs. down in just a short 3 weeks, and well on my way to my first goal of being below 200 lbs. by March 1st. Hopefully the hard work continues to pay off.

Yesterday my husband says to me “I’ve been thinking about something…” I think that I want to start walking with you on my days off and during the times when I’m home and you are going to work out.” I said what? He repeated. I have never heard my husband say anything of the sort that could lead to a healthy outcome. I suppose that it could have something to do with the fact that he went to the doctor at the VA yesterday, and he said that my husband is overweight and out of shape, and he needs to start working out if he wants to be healthy. Then today he says, “I think that I might change some of the way I eat too.” I almost fell over. I have to think that the doctor helped, but he also sees the way I’ve been able to pick up the energy, and how quickly the weight has started to come off just by cutting out snacks and binges, and eating better things, drinking water, and exercising. He said that he could never change the way he eats completely, but he would make an effort. This was his Aha Moment (Aha for him to say and for me to celebrate). I’m so excited that he’s decided to do more to support me in my journey by also beginning his own!!!

Today I was off from work, and so I decided that I would do a longer exercise session. So I used the awesome map feature on this site and I mapped out a 3 mile distance. I set out with the hope that I could complete it in 45 minutes. But I totally forgot that I should also think about terrain, and how it’s different from the flat floor in front of my TV doing a 2 mile walk with Leslie Sansone. So I didn’t quite make it in 45 minutes because of 2 large hills, and rush hour traffic, but I finished it in 55 minutes which is pretty good for my first run at it! 3 MILES!!! WooHoo!!! (WooHoo moment #5)

Then I proceeded to celebrate my accomplishments of the week by eating too many Fazoli’s Breadsticks! (Argh…) Oh they are so good, I guess that I haven’t beat temptation completely, and it will be something that I battle forever. And I may not have won this battle, but I will win this war! I’m on my way to a great and healthy life for the future, and I’m so excited to share it with SparkPeople!
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    4129 days ago
    Stopping by to see how your week has gone. Read this great blog. We are all going to face temptations and sometimes they win. That is in the book also. But just think at all the wonderful changes you made this week. You are doing great and happy your husband is joining you. That does help. Have a great weekend and week ahead.

    Brenda emoticon emoticon
    4161 days ago
    Your enthusiasm is so infectious! It sounds like you are really getting the spirit of the whole thing -- it's not about being perfect, it's just about turning things around as soon as you're able. I continue to be astonished by your rate of progress -- that must feel so wonderful. And, you sparked one of the most important people in your life to make a healthy change! Totally a week to celebrate. Congratulations!
    4162 days ago
    Good for you!!!! Lots of learning we are doing! You are doing fantastic! Now that you have a partner in this journey you can encourage each other to make wise choices!! So happy for you!
    4163 days ago
    4163 days ago
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