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Ohh my pants..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So as part of our training at school, on wednesdays you wear business attire instead of the normal scrubs so that our teachers can critique us about it and if it would be job interview appropriate. Wednesdays are job readiness day with computer training, interview skills and all that in the afternoon. SO this morning I got up did my 100 pushup, 200 situp and squat challenges (SO PROUD!) and did my normal morning routine. Then I realized that I had to dress UP! So i go to grab for the trusty black pants and they are wrinkled. Okay no problem, the brown pants! Waay too long forgot to hem them. Okay the gray pinstripe! Put them on and they are HUGE on me HUGE!!!! Size 12 and I am now almost no longer an 8. Okay but they had to do. Ran out the door. I had to park in the far parking lot because they closed the close one. So this other parking lot is about a 10-15 minute walk from the lot to the building and i have a HUGE bag with all my stuff in it to carry plus im in high heels. I was walking like an idiot. My pants were FALLING DOWN because of course there are no belt loops so i couldnt wear a belt. By the time I got to school i was hobbling because my feet hurt so bad..i pretty much collapsed onto my desk. Way too funny. SO I'm talking to the girls and they were saying that yes they look really big and tie a rubber band around the side. It was way too funny. All day the rubber band would shoot off oh goodness. Its just so crazy to think that I was wearing those a year ago..Okay but then I came home and was talking to my mom and saying I need to get rid of them because I obviously can never wear them again. I cant go around with a rubber band on my pants it bulges out and what does she say?? "Oh you better keep them because you will gain weight again" ugh. She says that kind of stuff all the time. Then she told me we are having homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner and she bought valentines candy and put it in a huge candy dish on the island in the kitchen. Holy moly. But i handled her MUCH better than I would have in the past and I just said "no, I wont be putting the weight back on..not this time" smiled and left. I had a SMALL SMALL portion of mac and cheese, a salad and brocolli. Sorry for the long blog, had to share my rubber band pants. Hope you all had a great day!!! LOVE YOU!
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    Love the story....how utterly, ummmm...motherly of your mother! My mom says that stuff, too. In fact, she says she'll save my 'big clothes' for me for when I gain it back.

    I happily haul them to Goodwill myself! NO GOING BACK!

    Fat sucks!

    3679 days ago
    Definitely get rid of the pants. I would keep one pair of them as a reminder, for times when ANYONE tries to sabotage you. You need to remember the feeling of wearing the too big pants (love the rubber band idea!) but just chalk your Mom's comment up to being a 'mom" She can't help it. Hopefully as she sees you continue on this path to a HEALTHY Lifestyle, she will come around.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3679 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/28/2010 4:23:41 PM
    So funny about the rubber bands! I kept expecting them to ping someone in the eye!!! Dangerous or what! haha! In terms of your mom, it's as though she WANTS you to put the weight on!!!! Almost trying to "fatten you up"!!!! I'm very proud of the way you handled her though! Well done!
    3680 days ago
    Give the pants to Goodwill! I've been doing the same with mine that I have outgrown....no safety pants this time :)
    3680 days ago
  • VLROSS13
    My mother does that to me all the time, if I eat a correct portion I'm starving myself if I eat a second portion she says what about your diet. good for you for smiling and walking away. take the pants in or get rid of them! I do feel your pant about them falling down as whooo-hooo I forgot my belt today and my pants are falling down too emoticon
    3680 days ago
  • GOAL150IN2010
    what a great story - so glad to see that you are doing well, its looking like your gonna need new pants. Way to go!!!
    Have an awesome day.


    (formerly Demivee86)
    3680 days ago
    Yea for no more 12's and moms say things like that because there our moms
    3680 days ago
    I say get rid of the pants or have them taken in. Why keep them? To remind yourself of what you were like before? I'm sure you don't need that reminder! lol Your mom must be my mom's twin. She always does and says things like that to me. Really supportive huh? I think you are doing great, you look great and I'm sure you feel even better! You go girl!
    3680 days ago
    I think our blogs are in synch today. They are about sabotage. Why in God's name would your mother say that to you?!?!?
    3680 days ago
    GET RID OF THE PANTS! My weight has fluctuated a bit since having kids but I never hold on to clothes. It's like they're there taunting you that you're aren't small anymore or scaring you because you still have the option of putting something bigger on if you let yourself go. It's enough to make you crazy. Besides they'll be out of style. (Meanwhile my husband LITERALLY has clothes in 4 different sizes dating back to the early 80s. You know, "just in case" Oy.)

    But also what a bummer that your mom said what she did. If I had such a wonderfully ridiculous day because I was SO SKINNY I would feel just awful hearing someone say that, especially my mother since her job is support and believe in you. But you got us! We'll make sure you keep it off forever.
    3680 days ago
    emoticon Seems fitting, no??
    Very funny story!!

    I can totally relate to how you feel when your mom says something like that (see my blog "I could use some support!) I'm still learning to not let it it get to me, so way to go!!
    3680 days ago
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