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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hey everybody.

I honestly don't know why I haven't been sparking too much lately. I have been tracking my calories and everything on my phone though. I've been getting my water in as well. I haven't been exercising at all though. That's my downfall and I'm sure of it!

I got on the scale and I'm up 1.4 already. I was like uhhh what??!?! But anyway, I just ate half of an ice cream that I made at my job and I feel like vomiting it out.

I'm also a little bit depressed about the fact that I am still the same weight I was over a year ago. It's taken me a YEAR of dieting and I am STILL not at my goal...

I'm thinking to myself, "Do I really want this?" YES I DO! I just don't know why I cant actually follow through with it lately. I want to look good THIS summer. I'm sick of being the one who makes excuses and lying about not liking the beach.
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    Chris just remember how good you felt when you went to the gym. Go back and watch some of your vblogs and get inspiration from yourself. Get back in the gym and you will feel back on your game in no time. You can do this and you already admitted above that you want to - so just get out there and follow thru. I know you have it in you, you have inspired and motivated me to go beyond my limits so many times before - so please turn your motivation back on yourself. You are an awesome person and deserve to be happy. Go for it!!!
    3772 days ago
    Chris darling.. I have to agree with AMACUBA. When you said you raised your calories, I was a bit worried. Because I knew you were not getting to the gym as much as you wanted to. It is very important to NOT eat all the processed food. That is not only packaged food, but food made by restaurants also. You eat out a lot adn even though you choose "healthier foods" they are still not the healthy you NEED.

    So I would go with her advice. Check with her on what you should be eating and stay away from going out so much honey. YOU CAN DO THIS! You did it before, so I know you can do this. We are all here for you Chris. But you need to BE HERE, to get the support. So come on back, we miss you here A LOT!

    All this is said in LOVE and please only take it as it is.

    Love & hugs
    Auntie T
    3772 days ago
  • JAMIEW3700
    I think you are being too hard on yourself. You are tracking and thats a start, but you have to track and excercise to make it work!! Just being here is helping and its a start. Once you put your whole self into it, i know you`1l reach your goals!! good luck
    3772 days ago
    You're still here making an effort! You need to sit quietly by yourself and think about how to change things to make it work! Plan your meals ahead of time, take your own food with you to work. Yes, even plan out your exercises! Start out small, 2o minutes a day and work up when you feel stronger. Plan it out on a piece of paper and check it off as you do it. If you do more than what you plan , that's a bonus and yeah for you! I know it's hard to get back in the right frame of mind, I'm going through something right now too. We can't give up! If we do we would be worst off than we are now!

    Take Care,
    Dallas emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3772 days ago
    Christopher, You did this before and you can do it again.. You will do it again.. You just have to get your mind back in line with the plan... Christopher you can do it.. you are the one who got me going and I know you can do it.. You want to look good this summer get your butt back to the gym and start working out again.. Stay away from the Starbucks and Dunkin, not to mention eating out at all the different places you guys go. You can get back on.. DO IT.. Consider this your swift kick in the butt...
    Ohh and Trust GOD...
    Love you
    3772 days ago
    I took a look at your food/exercise logs.

    Three things:

    1. You're not eating properly. You often skip breakfast, and you eat a LOT of processed/packaged foods. Neither of these will help you lose weight. You need to eat way more healthfully.

    2. Where are your exercises??

    3. Are you sticking in the range Sparkpeople have given you? Because it seems to be a lot of calories you're eating on lots of days, especially if you aren't exercising. If you don't know how to find out what your range should be, send me an email. :)
    3772 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/26/2010 6:58:51 PM
    Aww Chris! You can do this and you know you want it. I know I hate when people say it's not a race, but it's not. You know that it takes time, some times a lot longer than you expect.

    I've been struggling with something similar. I believe I'm having a hard time because my weight isn't coming off extremely fast like it used to... Before the longest it had ever taken me to lose 100 lbs is 3 months. Now I am down 40 something and I'll get 1 lb away from 50 lbs and then my weight shoots back up. It's really depressing.

    So I feel for you! Just try your hardest to get in your exercise no matter what and you WILL be at your goal this summer =)
    3772 days ago
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