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Getting "FULL"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I found my triggers!! After a couple of years of counseling and a TON of introspection I finally figured out my triggers. I never really thought I had triggers but I do. I always thought I just loved food too much and had horrible portion control.

Well I have realized that my first and BIGGEST trigger is LONELINESS.

So I have been making sure to "Fill Myself Up" with Friends!!! I have been doing house cleaning races with my BEST FRIEND (in California) on Monday nights, walking and talking with my BEST FRIEND (in Sequim) on Tuesday and Thursday nights, doing miscellaneous workouts with my BEST FRIEND(s) (at work - have 3 of those!!), going to Grange with my mom, and planning FUN things to do on Friday nights such as Craft Nights, Game Nights, Birthday Parties, and last night I had a Jewelry party. This has been keeping me FULL!! And because of it I don't want/crave to fill myself up with FOOD.

My second trigger is BOREDOM.

So by filling my time up with friends and activities I have pretty much BEAT the BOREDOM trigger. I just keep myself busy doing fun things and then again I am not feeling empty.

And my last trigger is TIRED.

I used to get tired and instead of going to bed I would find something to eat to wake me up...not anymore! If I am tired I fall asleep either on the sofa next to my husband or I go to bed. I don't force myself to stay awake when I am tired. And if I get tired in the middle of the day I eat a piece of fruit and do some exercise.

And it is all working!!! I am sooooo pleased. I have lost 8 pounds so far this month. I think that is the most I have ever lost in a month before. And I plan to keep myself full with the help of my friends and family. I am LUCKY!


Love you ALL!
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