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Monday, January 11, 2010

I watch a interview with Valerie Bertenelli( not sure that is spelled right.
She talked about..Maintaining her weight loss...
She wrote a book about now what....you lost the weight, the excitement is gone, your not the center of attention...you don't get excited about weigh ins . I think she said maintaining is boring but it still is the huge part of weight loss.
The book I think is called Finding it...If I'm wrong please correct me.
I could relate to what she was saying.....I feel that way too....I also feel like people are watching me waiting to see if I'll gain or am I going to start eating junk food....
I'm invited to a party this week end and a friend said I can't wait to see a skinny you....darn I'm not skinny, so now I'm feeling like maybe I should not go...I'm putting pressure on myself because I'm not skinny, or maybe I might seem skinny to them as they have not seen me for 4 years....I think I worry to much....
I was Marie Osmond say she will stay on the Nuti-system to be sure she doesn't gain the weight back.....
I see I am not the only one who doesn't worry over gaining it back.....seems we all do..wonder how long till i can relax and enjoy what I have accomplished.
one more scary story I saw on Discovery Healthy, they talked about turning to other addictions......I can't remember the % of people who turn to drinking, or drugs .....I'm hoping to turn to exercise, I get a high when I have had a really good workout.....

okay enough of my ramblings.....

Have a healthy Tuesday

it's dance day tomorrow

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It is a lifestyle change. You didn't diet, not at all. You changed your life. as long as you stay with it, you will be just fine. Love ya girl!

    3661 days ago
    I share your concern and many of your feelings, although I am not quite to my first goal. Thanks so much for blogging! I hope you know your spark friends are pulling for you!
    3661 days ago
    emoticon I will be back.
    3661 days ago
    It will come, Kitt! Give it time!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3661 days ago
    you said it you get a high when you exercise do it! lol when you feel your anxiety about gaining or you feel the stress from the pressure of friends -exercise!

    I can not help you but can empathize with you on the maintaing..think this part will be harder then the actually losing..-those ladies lost their weight the unhealthy way and did not learn how to look after their bodies correctly but you have so I think maybe you will have an easier time with maintaing....
    YOur friend just used a incorrect terminology when speaking of your weight removal! You know you look great you feel great so be proud and show off!
    that is how I feel --be proud YOU DID IT GIRL! you did it!

    emoticon Jo
    3661 days ago
    Yes I think maintenance is hard and yes it can be boring but you have changed your life style, your thoughts and your physical appearance.

    Go and have a good time, don't deprive yourself of this moment. You feel good and you look good. Skinny is sooo relative, if they say "gee you are skinny" smile and accept it.

    Self talk is so important for us to feel good about what we have done and what we are doing.

    3661 days ago
    i agree with the other the only person you need to please is yourself. i get tease at srda for eating celery and carrots and people tell me oh you are not fat but i know according to the charts i am overweight and i know i have been eating healthier since i joined spark people.
    3661 days ago
    I know I put undue pressure on myself thinking everyone was waiting for me to fall off the wagon, and I did.

    So just try to relax with it, you aren't the person you were as you've learned so much in the years it took you to get the weight off, all good habits and you will stay true to yourself and not revert to your old ways.

    I know you will do it. emoticon
    3661 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/12/2010 5:23:28 AM
    You're doing awesome, Kitt. I bet your friend is just referring to all the weight you've lost. I'm sure she's not expecting you to be skin and bones. Go to the party and show yourself off. You deserve it!

    The problem with a lot of people who gain back their weight is because they stopped doing what they were doing to lose the weight. They went back to their unhealthy ways. I know that's what I have always done when I was on diets. As long as you're on Spark and doing all that exercise that you do, I'm sure you're going to do just fine. We will help you along the way.

    Take care.


    3661 days ago
    Kitt.You are placing a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are being concerned about how other people see you. You KNOW how much you have lost, more than half of you! Of course you will loook skinny to them but it's not about that. It is about how healthy and happy you are. I have read that many people try to lose weight so they will be happier, only to find out that it isn't a happiness drug. Concern yourself with your health. How is your BMI? How do you feel about what you can do now? Are you eating a healthy diet? Do you, and I know you do, exercise daily? These are the things to concern yourself with. I can only imagine how hard it is to not worry about the number on the scale but you ARE maintaining and will maintain all your life, Everyone does. That's what a normal life is like. Keeping yourself healthy AND happy. Go to your party and remember you left over 200lbs behind.

    3661 days ago
    People call us skinny because they are trying to acknowledge our accomplishment in a friendly way. I look in the mirror and only see my loose skin and think I am NOT skinny but to others who remember us the "old" way, we are. Maintenance is not always easy, but remember, you've really changed your whole lifestyle and if you keep doing what you are doing, you'll never slip too far back! Don't worry about the addictive personality. I worried about that too, but I never ever had the desire to smoke, use drugs, or drink alcohol to access. My hubby has worked with addicted youth before. He reassured me I had might have some compulsiveness with food but that didn't make me have an addictive personality. I suspect it's the same with you.
    Like our impulses, we learn to control our compulsions. You've done that Woman!
    I'm so pleased you can share these fears out in the open, because then I don't feel like I'm the only one who has them! Thanks-- as always!
    Joanne emoticon
    3661 days ago
    Maintenance is harder than losing the weight, Kitt -- you have an end in sight losing it, and maintenance is forever. However, I read in the Spark book this morning that it becomes easier with time and will be as natural as breathing at some point. (he was talking about exercise, but I think it applies to everything)

    As for "skinny" -- well, in relative terms you are skinny! No, you're not a beanpole, but you are definitely slimmer than you were 3 years ago. Only you can decide if it's right for you to go or not. Ponder it and see...and don't go if you don't really want to. After all, you are not an animal on display in a zoo. LOL!!!!

    3661 days ago
    Losing weight doesn't scare me so much as maintaining the loss. (Which is kind of putting the cart before the horse LOL! )

    I watched many of the same programs. I'm actually watching the Discovery Health program right now! (I think it's the same one... a "Big Medicine Special"?) It's scary how you can go from one extreme to another. I think for a lot of very overweight people, food is very much an addiction. So I think it's easy to replace one with another.
    3661 days ago
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