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Moving down a size!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not a special day in particular. The laundry is piled up in the back room by the washer/dryer and I was looking for my usual winter attire....I have 5 pair of sweat pants or lounge wear you might call them and not one clean pair in sight. So I went to my closet and found a pair of jeans that I was doubtful would fit. And they did. I only had 3 seconds to smile and then off to get my kids ready for school. But I'm smiling on the inside all day today and keeping the momentum going.

I've been reading Valerie Bertitnelli's book "Finding It". The sequal to her book "Losing It" I didn't read the first book. I didn't need to hear her life story and how she was misunderstood as a teenager because we all are...I didn't need to hear about her drug daliances or her sexual rebelion. And I already knew how she lost the weight. What I don't know and am hoping she can give a little insight into is how to keep the weight off. Its a light read and easy to get into and I'm beginning to learn what maintainence is. For one its something I've never really done in any realm of my life. I've generally waited until something has fallen apart and then replace it. Not wise. Very Foolish in fact.

Think about the times you let the car go over the 3000 mile oil change. How many times did you just drive instead of warming it up in winter? One particular car I used as a pick up truck and loaded tons of rock back an forth over a farmers field to load up the trunk until the back end was almost touching the ground just to build a rock garden. Those free rocks cost me $400 plus bucks in new shocks...I digress. The point is if I took care of my things they would last longer....I would have more money. If I take care of myself.....I will last longer without having to replace my knees or have surgery on my back. . Its all related you know. The reason we don't take care of our belongings, our money, ourselves is all the same reason--it may be diferent for you but for me I need to more than just love myself, I need to RESPECT myself. That word ecompasses love and honor even obeying to an extent. Respect is also an awareness and a social responsibility. It means more than all of those words put together. You can't explain it in a few words and yet you know when someone has it and when they don't. I hope I can teach it to my kids as they grow so they don't need to discover midlife that they need to get some. The only way you can teach it is to show them. I hope I can keep the momentum going.
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  • ENUFF81020
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    Hi there,

    I love hearing about your jeans that now fit and I really love your comments about how being here at SP has helped you to be healthuer, just by being here. This is an awesome site.

    I am so proud of your achievement--and it is a wonderful achievement! I will need to chat with you more this week to find what else you are up to, we haven't gotten together for a while. One thing I know is that I am glad you are here and that we ran into each other.
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    4133 days ago
  • HOPE208
    Way to go fitting in those jeans. I'm waiting for the day I don't have to wrestle my jeans and work up a sweat to get into my jeans...By the end of the month is when I hope that happens.
    4135 days ago
    Great post!

    I think you totally hit the nail on the head, saying that you need to respect yourself before all else. It's a hard thing to learn - many people go through their lives unaware of the DISrespect they are showing themselves (by overeating, drinking heavily, stressing out too much, etc...). I think to truly know what self-respect is, a person has to have their own A-HA moment (nope, not nostalgically listening to 'Take On Me" - haha!) where everything becomes clear.

    Awesome for you, fitting into some skinny jeans!!

    4140 days ago
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