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Thursday, January 07, 2010

When I was a little girl snow was like a fantasy dream come true.Now, I wouldn't say it is a nightmare, but it isn't something I love like I used to. Now I worry about people having car accidents, or just slipping. Thinking about shoveling snow, the cold temperature and some of the negative aspects. Snowflakes are still beautiful.
I don't remember why I don't think about getting all bundled up in our warm fuzzy coats with scarves and mittens and hats, to go out and play in the snow. We would lay down in the snow making snow angels, and work on building snow men sometimes they were lucky when we were little girls (my sister and me) to be as tall as we were, even when we had rolled the parts of them in the snow what seemed to us like a very long time.
One of the most fun Snow Memories was the snowball fight we had in front of the museum of Natural History with my Uncle Fred. Things like that would make him impossible not to love. (And taking one more picture at Christmas 14 or 15 times).
I don't know why the first things I think of when I think of snow is my car sliding off the road 2 different times. Once was close to home, and the other was driving to my Grandparents, but I happened to be 6 blocks from my Uncle Duane's home. Which was truly a blessing. He dropped everything he was doing and came and helped me then. That would make him impossible not to love as well.
Now when the temperatures drop I have gotten out the quilts that my Aunt Betty made me, and cuddled up under them, making it hard not to love her. When we were little we used comforters my Grandmother made, which made it hard not to love her.
After the days playing in the snow, we went in and had cocoa, and possibly cookies in front of the fireplace and looked at photograph albums of everyone we loved.
Worry never solved anything. I pray that I start seeing the sparkling snowflakes and enjoying the snow again. Remembering sleding and snowfights and snowangels. One of the most beautiful things I think of when it comes to snow is cardinals in the snow.
I pray I quit worrying about what may happen. Worrying never solved anything and it won't start either. I might as well enjoy the shiny snowflakes drifting down from Heaven just like feathers from angel's wings, and consider the beautiful memories of the past and simply remember to be careful when I must walk and/or drive on the ice.

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    That was beautiful. I loved reading it. Here is to memorys that are so precious and may they stay with us our entire lives. emoticon
    3251 days ago
    God numbered our days before there was one. He has it all lined out. All we need to do is go with the Flow through each one and enjoy what comes and the opportunities each day bears.
    3883 days ago
    your blog was beautiful, reminded me of many things in the my heart that I forgot..cause I too worry about falling and going of the road...but you reminded me how I love snowmen two or three balls high..and how you would have to be called several times before the last snowball thrown with a giggle with that deliberate fall just before having to go in..yes thankyou..
    3933 days ago
    I don't mind snow nearly as much since I retired and don't have to get out in it everyday. I am like you; I am trying to appreciate the beauty of snow. Hope the sun is shining on you today. Hugs from Janet in central Illinois
    3964 days ago
    I loved reading your tale on the snow and we have had the greatest fall of snow in a long time here in UK and its been great. It always reminds me of allot of things too and I look forward to it coming every year. Thanks for sharing.
    3974 days ago
    I am a winter girl!!! These memories are the a beautiful reminder of how awesome the white stuff can be. However, I do agree with you about driving and slipping on ice.
    Here is one of my memories...
    When my 15 year old son was a wee one, he said to me, 'Mommy, the snow looks like glitter!' The sun was shining on it and making it sparkle. Now years later, when I see a similar scene it makes me smile as I remember his comment.
    3974 days ago
    That was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    3977 days ago
    Thank you for this most wonderful heartwarming Blog. While reading your wonderful words I saw the beauty, love and warmth in your memories are so right good does worry do.
    have a wonderful and Blessed day.
    3977 days ago
  • no profile photo IRISH_AGUIRRE
    I can relate to what you wrote! We spent the days between Christmas & New Year's in the snow - a novel thing for us southern Californians. We made snow angels, had snowball fights, and went sledding. True, we adults worried about driving in the ice & snow, but we tried to capture what the kids were enjoying about the adventure. You shared your memories beautifully.
    3979 days ago
    Enjoyed the post. My mama used to say--"I know worrying helps about 99% of what I worry about does not happen." Hope your worries are few and your friends are many.
    3982 days ago
    I think that it's good to be safe and cautious but not to worry to much. Also, the comment about shoveling snow: think of the cardio workout you'd get doing it! :) I'm glad you have so many good memories with snow because eventually if you focus on these and make some newer fun memories, the bad memories of snow will fade. :) Keep up the great work and keep on sparking!
    3982 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3983 days ago
    You paint a lovely picture with your words. And it's a great reminder that worry never solved anything....
    3983 days ago
    Great blog. Enjoy your snow.
    3983 days ago
    Reading you blog today brought so many wonderful memories back . I loved reading every word. Thank you so much for sharing .
    3983 days ago
    Thanks for the memories. I remember one time we made ice cream with snow. I was very little. They may have been joking with me. I always thought it was snow. I remember my hands and feet getting so cold, like numb and still wanted to stay ot in it. emoticon emoticon 3983 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/7/2010 5:29:40 PM
    Fresh fallen snow is so lovely-when it stays put and the winds are calm! The simple joys of being a child made snow a beautiful toy to play with for hours on end. The cold was bearable. Now as adults, we are aware of all the complications brought on by the snow.
    Look inside for your inner child and adore the beauty snow brings while keeping in mind that your safety comes first. emoticon
    3983 days ago
    I have a lot of similar snow memories! I remember entire days spent on the sledding hill, up and down, up and down, never get tired... oh, to be able to do that now! I remember building snowforts and snowcastles and snowmen. I remember major snowball fights that involved the whole neighborhood, adults as well as children. I remember sitting on benches around a fire roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate to warm up before returning to the frozen pond to skate, and skating as the snowflakes fell and melted on our faces!
    Thank you so much for making me remember!
    It was the highlight of my day.
    3983 days ago
    What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing all those warm winter memories.

    Like you, I loved snow as a child--loved sledding and skating and making snow men, but now I just get cold and worry about driving and want to hermit in my house until spring comes. Caution is important in the winter, especially if you are going to be out on the roads--but that doesn't mean we have to live in fear. So it's a good thing to remember that snow can also be fun and beautiful!
    3983 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2833646
    What wonderful memories!

    I grew up without snow, as my children are, so we don't know these things. I was a mother before I ever heard snow angel, and I had no idea what it was!

    God Bless Winter.
    3983 days ago
    Amy, what a lovely blog about you family memories! I hope you begin to see the snow as you used to also ... it's all a gift from God! emoticon
    3983 days ago
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