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Too far to turn back

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I have come to far to turn back now my goal is 140 and I got to 150 but I have gained 9 lbs and am at 159. I have lost weight before only to regain before reaching my goal, but I have never been this close to my goal. I have to get going again and make it. Why do we do things that make us feel bad when we have experienced how good it can feel to live healthy. Don't give up this is your life we are talking about.
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    Lifestyle Changes make the difference. I have lost my weight & regained many times. So for the last 15 years, I refused to diet anymore. I steadily gained every year, felt hopeless, despised myself, and made and broke many vows "No-matter-what I will NOT pass the ___lbs mark"; and the famous "I REFUSE to buy a larger size!!", until I was up to 315lbs. But there was a time when I was dieting, and in the 150s like you.

    I have a long list of things, programs, people, diets, and philosophies I have tried over the years. I could list them all here but what's the point? It took me 3 months to click on the sparkpeople link someone sent me; I only did it then because I was cleaning out email, because it was free, and because my friend would occasionally ask if I'd looked at it yet. I thought I'll click on it, then get rid of it, then I can truthfully say "yes" if she asks me again.

    That was July 08. After clicking on it and signing up, it took me 3 more weeks to get started and actually start using and reading SP; it's fair to say my experiences leading up to 315lbs had left me a little jaded. Since then I've lost 36lbs. That is NOT a big deal - actually it's a drop in the bucket. I've lost much, much, much more than that, many many times, so really that's kind of pitiful (in my case).

    BUT HERE'S THE THING. In the past I would lose 80, gain 112.

    Lose 10, gain back 12.

    Lose 56, gain back 70.

    Lose 25, gain back 32.

    With SP, I lost 36, am still losing, and haven't gained it back in a year and a half.

    Probably the only thing that saved my health is that I stopped dieting for that 15-yr period of time. Though my weight increased during that time, I know now that dieting can absolutely wreck your health. Permanently! I consider myself very, very lucky. That must have been God. It looked like and felt like defeat; but it definitely saved my health and may have saved my life.

    So I highly recommend Lifestyle Changes, and recommend NOT dieting - until you are ready to do Lifestyle Changes. Lifestyle Changes can be slow, for some of us like me. Depends how stubborn you are!, LOL. Lifestyle Changes are about facing the man or woman in the mirror, and making them behave. It's hitting a wall only to find out that wall is yourself. It's needing to move a mountain, only to find out that mountain is yourself and not the weight.

    Good News! You are in exactly the right place for Lifestyle Changes. No matter what you weigh, no matter what you gain, keep on Sparking. Different things work for different people; but Lifestyle Change is what works PERMANENTLY, for everyone. And no matter what the core and root of the problem in a specific person's life that brought them here, SP will keep peeling the layers of the onion until you get your issues resolved.

    I KNOW God brought me to SP. It's highly likely He brought you to SP, too.
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    3594 days ago
    Yes, don't give up! Besides this is a way of life, not something temporary.
    3594 days ago
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