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Tried a new veggie...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ok. I grew up around lots of veggies. My grandparents had an acre garden and for as long as I can remember so have my parents. We have grown green beans, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, corn, all kinds of peppers, tomatoes, peas, beets, carrots, potatoes, etc. I have picked, washed and helped can all these veggies too.

I didn't have a taste for any veggies with the exception of corn and green beans until I was well into my 20's. Not for the lack of trying mind you. I was always so jealous of my grandparent and parents who would squeal like little kids when the first tomatoes were ripe. They would pick them off the vine and happily take huge bites out of them .... standing in the garden. I can't swallow a tomato slice. Makes me GAG. Now I can eat ketchup, soup, salsa, bloody marys, etc anything made from tomatoes, not just a tomato itself.

I have been trying to make Jules things for dinner that I know he likes. He sometimes won't tell me he wants something because he knows I won't eat it. I love to cook for him and don't mind at all making cooked spinach, ham and beans, sauerkraut, lima beans or brussel sprouts. The one thing on that list I have not tried is brussel sprouts. I have this thing with cabbage...no matter how pretty it is ... I can't eat it cooked. It just smells so gross to me. Well over the weekend we did some grocery shopping and Jules commented on the brussel sprouts. I said "Let's buy some! He said, I didn't know you ate brussel sprouts!!" Of course I don't but didn't tell him otherwise until last night.

So I boiled some water and threw them in. They didn't smell too bad while cooking. Not at all. I was a bit excited at the possibly adding another veggie to my list! I steamed them about 8 minutes as we don't eat mushy veggies. I like them to retain most of their color.

Jules wanted some cheese on them so I put some cheese in the bowl, mixed it up and put 4 tiny ones on my plate. All the while my fabulous husband was waiting for me to try them. Popped the first one in my mouth and thought ... ok not bad. I can chew this. Swallowed the first one. Ate some of my chicken .... which was very yummy. Had some stuffed celery. Ended up with 3 left. Popped in the next one and my gag reflexes kicked in! YUCK!



Evidently my husband and my parents. When I talked to my mom last night I informed her our dinner and me trying the brussel sprouts and she nearly fainted on the phone. "Oh I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS! Did you like them?"

(silence) ..... then .... Uh, no. Then laughter. She said well at least you tried them!!


At least I tried them ... right???

Happy Wednesday!!

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  • AMIELEE217
    I adore Brussel sprouts!! They are my fave veggie! Can't believe you don't like them!

    3924 days ago
    Oh you are a brave one!! Hubs tried them once.. of course he likes most all veges so we boiled them and they looked sooo cute like little mini cabbages... he popped one in and chewed then he got this look of (what I can only describe as constipation lol) he managed to swallow it down but said I dont see how anyone can eat Brussels sprouts... lol... now it sounds like cecinoakland has a better recipe for them that might be a little tastier but I'm like if it dont smell good something tells me its not gonna taste good either. lol

    P.s I'm with you on the tomatoes GAG ;-) I've acquired some new taste in my old age but I don't think I will ever see the day where I can eat a tomato.

    but at least your trying new things... you cant say you don't like until you've tried it!

    3968 days ago
    I actually like burssel sprouts, but I tend not to make them - it is when I am at a restaurant I will get them - problem is they are usually served with butter & bacon

    will have to try them like CECINOAKLAND posted as that sounds easy to do at home
    3969 days ago
    LOL thanks for the laugh! I don't like them either, but my BF does. He can have 'em! All of 'em! He teases me and says I don't know what I'm missing. Uhhh.... yes, actually, I do.

    Funny true story... one evening when my BF was cooking brussels sprouts, his 11 y/o son looked around and asked him if the dog pooped on the floor emoticon We both just busted out laughing!
    3972 days ago
    omg you are BRAVE! I have never tried one,and never want to! If you deep fried it and gave me ranch dressing, I could probably choke one down! lol!

    Like you, I grew up in the country,complete with garden, compost pile,chickens,etc. And yet my mom teased that the only green thing I would eat was "lime jello".
    I've branched out since then, but not as far as you! Congrats for trying.
    3972 days ago
    LOL I am that way about asparagus as well!! oh and mushrooms and bananas (neither of which are really strange tho lol)
    3972 days ago
    I love Brussel sprouts, but I don't eat them very often. I've got a thing about certain veg going with certain meats, and sprouts are definitely "beef" veggies, a meat I rarely eat.

    I'm glad you tried them, even though you're not a fan. That's how I came to love olives, by trying them periodically, even though I never used to like them. I was 30 before I got a taste for them, and now I eat them all the time. Same goes for spinach, although I prefer it raw in a salad, rather than cooked.

    Keep testing your tastebuds, you never know what you'll acquire a taste for.
    3972 days ago
  • MTNHIKER1971
    mmmmmm brussel sprouts....


    go to www.greensplus.com for another alternative. I like the wild berry flavor
    3973 days ago
  • KARBIE18
    Yum! I love brussel sprouts!! Then again, I love most veggies. But I'm with you on the tomatoes. I keep hoping I'll acquire a taste for them, but no such luck.
    3974 days ago
    i *LOVE* brussel sprouts! seriously, my favorite veggie. but i recommend slicing them, tossing them with some sea salt and maybe chili powder and a bit of olive oil. my favorite bits are the loose leaves that fall off when you cut 'em and they turn crispy and brown. cook them in the oven for about 25 minutes at 400, turning them once. they are ready when the cut ends are browning. yum yum! i want some now!

    p.s. even i will admit that cruciferous veggies stink a bit when cooking. don't let that deter you!
    3974 days ago
    Up until my late 20's I avoided eating vegetables........I'm still learning to at least TRY the vegetable before twisting my face up in disgust. All we can do is try. emoticon on setting your indifference aside for your hubby and trying this veggie.
    3974 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Very true. You tried them. You are BRAVE!
    3974 days ago
    lol yea I am the same way you are, i like veggies, but my veggie list is very limited lol I am not a big veggie girl, like I can't stand peas. Idk why but I can't stand them! lol but good for you for trying something different!
    3974 days ago
    This past year I discovered I Loooooove brussel sprouts!

    I make 'em 2 ways - steamed for about 10 mintes to get 'em soft to the center the sautee lightly with garlic & a bit of olive oil just enough to crisp up the outside.

    or, my personal fave, cut in half, toss with olive oil and any seasoning and roast on 400 for 20-30 min. Sprinkle with a bit of sea salt... NUM-O! (at least in my opionion. :)
    3974 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/6/2010 12:27:57 PM
    Well, at least you tried them! I like them them but I would not say they are on top of my list. I get them from time to time just for a change.
    3974 days ago
    Yup, at least you tried them. I have to admit that I used to hate brussel sprouts. When I got married my hubby is a huge fan of this veggie, but he told me that he prefers them getting them from the frozen food section. When I asked why he said, "Somehow they don't have that bitter after taste if they have been frozen first."

    Can't say that brussel sprouts are my all time, number 1 favorite veggie - but I can eat a few about once a week. And my hubby still goes into a feeding frenzy when I put them on the table. Different strokes....
    3974 days ago
    Hey Nic, you never know unless you try them! I actually like them tossed with a little balsamic dressing and then roasted. They do NOT get mushy and they get golden brown-YUM! Okay, I know you're probably gaging right about now!
    emoticon emoticon
    3974 days ago
    LMAO! Did you read my blog about brussel sprouts a few weeks ago?? I think I was hyper again and then tried them, heated them up for a snack. And WHOA. I was like, "Friendslist, please remind me never to eat brussel sprouts again..."

    LOL! But at least we tried them, am I right?? XD
    3974 days ago
    Good for you for trying something new! I love brussel sprouts myself, but I think it is because I have had them prepared a variety of ways. My favorite is a brussel sprout hash (the closest recipe I could find http://champaign-taste.blogspot.com
    ith-caramelized.html). It has some fat (yay for bacon!) but I have heard a little fat with vegetables is a good thing because it helps you absorb more vitamins and minerals from the veggies. So if you are willing to try them again you should prepare them differently, you might surprise yourself with how good they can taste!
    3974 days ago
    I hate brussel sprouts!
    3974 days ago
    emoticon for trying something new!!!
    3974 days ago
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