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1 week, plus 11 pounds

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Okay, this week was interesting, for those of you reading one of my blogs for the first time. Since March I have been a bit of robot in weight loss, losing 111 pounds and losing weight every week.

So to add 11 pounds in one week is insane. So what happened, why, what have I learned and what am i doing now.

Firstly I apologize to all those people recently who have been following my progress due to me becoming a spark people motivator, and hope this doesn't turn you off any advice I have given.

A couple of months ago I remember my wife asking if I thought I would be fine if I wasn't writing all my food into spark people, and I said "for sure," I thought I was completely on top of it all, in fact in the summer, when I went to New Orleans for the week, I lost weight with out access to sparkpeople.

But apparently I am not as much on top of it as I would hope, or thought. Thanksgiving came last Thursday and I ate a little bit more than normal, nothing much, but the next day I took a vacation, and pretty much thought I would take a vacation from my diet as well. As I ate more, I seemed to get back in the habit of overeating. I began to eat like I used to, and stopped drinking water. After I ate, it would physically hurt, but at the next meal I would eat again. It was insane. I must of lost control at some point, and just had no self control. Well the vacation has been over for a while now, but the diet vacation continued. On Friday I told myself, on Monday I would get back on track. So over the weekend I ate like there was no tomorrow.

Well today is Monday, it is the afternoon, and boy I feel so much better. I have been eating my normal sparkpeople amount, I have been tracking food and drinking water, my energy is better, and I feel good.

It is hard explain the last week; it is even harder explaining it to myself without feeling a bit dumb. But the great thing about sparkpeople, there is accountability. My choice is to give up and leave sparkpeople, or be honest and get back on track.

Well there is no choice for me, I have worked way to hard this year to be giving up, I love my new life of being relatively fit, and so I stand before you, very much a human, and saying I am getting back on track. It may well take a month to get back to where I was last week, but I will get back. I do hope to learn from this experience, and never repeat it.

I never thought I would have an experience of feeling better eating less food than more, but I feel great today, better than I have all week, and hope to keep this feeling etched in my brain forever.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We all go through weird stuff like that. It is called LIFE.
    4138 days ago
    It really makes you realize that it's a lifestyle change - meaning for the rest of our lives - doesn't it? So easy to fall into old habits, re-gain the weight, all of that. I have to constantly remind myself that I'm tracking calories, and not to eat whatever I want - to think about nutrition and exercise. To be conscious of each and every calorie in and out. While it may seem tedious, well, it's better than the opposite, right?
    4140 days ago
    emoticon With you!
    4141 days ago
    Congrats on coming back. I took a break from Sparkpeople, because I thought I was ready... I now track everyday. I got out of the routine, and everything went downhill. I'm back and on track, best of luck to you.
    Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.
    4141 days ago
    They say it's never too late to revise! Good to know you caught yourself before much more damage was done. Your shared experience makes others stronger. But you already knew that. lol.

    I just started a blog about my own journey to health and hope I am able to encourage others the way you do.

    Continuted success.
    4141 days ago
    Why apologize? - this all sounds pretty positive (and motivating!) to me - the first big hurdles are so important, especially when you've been so focused on your goals for a long time. Even if you can motivate yourself to be a weight loss/healthy living machine for months on end, eventually life will have to interfere - in the long run, it's just not realistic. And what we're interested in isn't being perfect but the long run, setting ourselves up for maybe a 75-percent-perfect, mostly-healthy lifestyle that will stick around through everything that happens in our lives. So if you came up against a hurdle, and messed up, and got back on track, slowly and without beating yourself up, it sounds to me like a big success and also a really important step in your lifestyle change!
    4142 days ago
    Glad you are back in your good routine. Really something that it takes weeks and weeks to loose 11 pounds and it can come back on so quickly. I think the best method is to every once in awhile have a 1 day HOLIDAY from good eating to enjoy a few things we have to deny ourselves. Maybe that would keep things under control.

    Hugs, Vicki
    4143 days ago
    "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail". Ralph Waldo Emerson



    4143 days ago
    Thanks for posting this and congrats on being a Spark Motivator. Your story is very motivating!
    4143 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    an> emoticon
    Sunny emoticon
    4143 days ago
    when you fall its always easier to stay down, but you got up! A big pat on the back~!
    4144 days ago
    Wow!! Hitting all too close to home. Thanks for that reminder that I was doing much better when I was writing down what I ate and more importantly, logged it into SP. I need those reminders more often than I'd like to admit and it is so easy to fall back into old habits. grrrr...Thanks again and I hope you and the fam have a beautiful holiday season.
    4144 days ago
    thanks for sharing the ups.. and downs... we all have them but it's good to hear how we/you don't let the downs (weight gain) get us off track and give up.

    Wishing you much success for the rest of your journey.

    Merry Christmas

    emoticon emoticon
    4144 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    So I read this Blog entry (the first I've ever read of yours) and it was a wakeup call for me. I've been with SP for about a month and for the first time today I realized I am still struggling to hold onto my old ways of thinking and eating. Yes I am eating less and yes I am eating more fruits and Veggies but I am still eating all the bad things I used to eat (just not as much of 'em).

    I think if I am going to get serious about being healthy and loosing all this weight, I need to get my mind straight and clean out the kitchen cupboards. That is my goal for this weekend. Everything unhealthy is going out. I would toss it in the trash 'cause I know there are a lot of people out there that NEED it. So I will post it on the Dayton FreeCycle for someone to come get.

    I am going to stop eating what DANNY wants to eat and start letting SP do my meals. I might try to add something dishes to it here and there (There have been some awesome dishes listed by other SPers) but for the most part SP is going to be my way to go for a while.

    Gordon, thank you for the wakeup call!

    4144 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/18/2009 7:56:34 AM
    Well, thanks for writing about your experience! It is very easy to slip back into those old habits, but you realized what went wrong and now continue on your journey with the same determination as before. You can do this! Congrats on being motivator of the day!
    4144 days ago
    Welcome to the human condition - Learning from our failures. Just don't stay here.

    Congrats on be MOD for the day! I love reading your story and stats - It is amazing. Your still 99 down. I bet your doctor is impressed.

    4144 days ago
    You have done a fantastic job. emoticon on being on the site as a motivator You really are you know.
    4144 days ago
    Actually I am new to you blog and this is not a turn off at all. I am close to my ideal weight (still have a little ways to go) but this is starting to become one of my fears because we are all human. Its great to see how you caught it and you are making the necessary adjustments. Gives us all hope. Way to go on your journey, this is GREAT!!!.
    4150 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1315172
    It is important to never give up! I have told everyone I know to keep asking me because I never want to go back. This will be my third time loosing to healthy weight and many time loosing 30-50 pounds.
    4153 days ago
    This experience will help others - I'm sure of it. And it will probably help you be an even better motivator. Good for you for being honest - with us *and* with yourself! and good for you for getting right back on track.
    4153 days ago
    Congratulations, you are doing an awesome job. emoticon
    4154 days ago
    I admire you for sharing your journey with us. I need to be reminded that the goal is progress, not perfection. Even with your (temporary, I'm sure) gain, your progress is remarkable and inspiring. Thank you for your willingness to share your humanity and imperfections with us!
    4154 days ago
    I'm glad that you are back on track. Thanks for sharing your experiences...successes and failures are what make the journey a learning adventure. Way to go for taking control again. =)
    4154 days ago
  • KIBBLE55
    I am very happy that you have caught yourself in time - you are an inspiration and you are right to keep using the site - though we can't know each other I believe that there is genuine effection and determination to help our binary based friends to achieve their goals.

    I can only promise to try and help you as you have helped and inspired so many.

    Your story is all to familuar to me - In 2002 I lost 60lbs and regained 60lbs in the space of 12 months and subsequently put on another 40lbs since.

    This is my constant worry I still love food I still love bad food. I think the comment that it will take years to change is correct.

    But if it does take years so be it I will keep uisng this site as my daily backside kick to keep on track.

    Good luck Gordon - where all cheering you on.

    4154 days ago
    Wow! Your story is amazing. You're one of the few guys I've come across on this site, so it's nice to see your AMAZING progress. Congratulations on all your weight loss!
    4154 days ago
    Did the same thing Thanksgiving weekend...outdid you FIFTEEN POUNDS for me!

    But as I always say "mistakes are opportunities for learning" and did *I* ever learn a lot about healthy eating and traveling! :-)

    Check out my recent blogs about it...

    4154 days ago
    Take heart; according to the weight loss maintenance literature, while it can take less than a year to remove weight, it takes 2-5 years to retrain our minds to the point that the new lifestyle is solidly in place.

    So what you experienced is an all too common reaction of a mind to a new lifestyle that it hasn't fully adopted yet...

    And you've caught it pretty quickly, and are taking steps to correct it, which is what has to happen when we drift up. And we WILL drift up. That is guaranteed, unfortunately!

    The only solution is:
    1) frequent monitoring
    2) rapid correction

    So keep on keeping on, and good job catching it, acknowledging it, and dealing with it!
    4154 days ago
    As Liquid mentioned, a painful reminder of how we need to keep in check at all times. It is so easy to fall back into old habits; this is whay the term "rolercoaster weight" was coined.

    My best to you; you'll have this licked in a matter of days.

    4154 days ago
  • TERIE93
    Glad you are back on track. It has been great watching your progress!
    4154 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1315172
    Just another bump in the road on our journey learning how to be healthy for the rest of our lives. I know that I have that challenge ahead of me in the next few months! Good for you getting back on track.
    4154 days ago
  • LIQUID11
    Do not consider last week as a fallback, see it rather as a painful reminder of the evil tortures we used to subject our bodies to!!

    On the other hand LEAVING US is completely out of the question!!
    You are Way Too Valuable of a Friend to lose, you know!!

    Now about the urge to return to our past selves, it happened to me as well, around winter time change...
    At first I didn't panic, and I gave in the cravings, although in an unbelievably calm, fulfilling, no guilt manner -never experienced before... As if I had it planned. So I controlled it!
    It lasted for about ten days, and it felt strange, especially the no guilt part.
    Being an experienced dieter I allowed myself to change only the kind of food consumed BUT NOT the overall daily calories! Because I DEFINITELY know that 95% of weight loss is due to caloric restriction consistency and only the rest 5% due to exercise!
    So I kept the calories steady eating more carbs and fats and not doing so well on the protein section... I took some more sleep than my normal, 7+ hours instead of 5~5.5, slowed down on working out and, alas, made similar thoughts with you, with A BIG WHY all this was happening to me especially this time that I was doing sooo fine...
    Ghosts of relapse invaded my mind and refused to go away!
    Mental serenity, long strolls in the ever changing Fall weather and nature, enjoying it even when it rained, thinking over and over and countless of times this WHY, I finally realized that the real problem is that success having come so quickly didn't let us enough time to get accustomed to our new bodies, yet.
    So stressful moments -the diminishing daylight for me, the social burden for you, in conjunction with pulling away from our daily discipline, triggered a response in which the OLD (but still existent and very POWERFUL) SELF IMAGE prevailed and urged us to want to return to THAT state, the familiar one, as quickly as possible...
    How I came out of it. By observing my new self more closely and in relation to the environment, exploring proprioception, playing on a balance board, working for several hours in front of my computer on a sitting ball and not on a chair, installing and looking at a full body mirror in my home studio, exploring dynamic balance in motion, cycling after ages, exploring movement, trying yoga and tai chi...
    So having reached your goal, gives you freedom to feel like a guy just out of a coma trying to learn new mobile skills with that unlimited energy and curiosity youngsters possess.
    Play, Walk, Jump, Run, Cycle, SnowBoard, Ski, Swim...



    GO GO GO
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    4154 days ago
    I can only imagine how you felt during last week. I feel like I ate a bucket of fire ants everytime I decide I should eat something fried or not healthy. My body craves the good stuff now (and I don't mean our fatty good stuff). I am positive you are the same way.

    Don't beat yourself up. You gotta put a little perspective on it. You had this:
    Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Good - Bad - Good
    in terms of weeks (probably many, many more goods than that, but you get the point). One bad week is nothing. It does not even count as a speed bump because you will now focus harder than you were the week before.

    You have only proved why you are a motivator on here. Because you ARE here, being accountable and owning up to your moment of weakness. Way to go man!!! Huge props!!! If you were here I would smack your shoulder and push you out the door for a good run!!!

    Keep it up my friend. Take that negative and turn it into a rocking positive!!!
    4154 days ago
  • MEME102
    Yep you've learned something new about yourself -- and that is the whole point of the journey!! I wish you well!
    4154 days ago
  • MONTY68
    Wow, What I want to say is how you have taken responsibility for what happened. I am sure you will get the weight back off and continue on your way. You certainly stated the things you didn't do and perhaps someone or more will read what you wrote and make a commitment not to fall in that trap. I think your blog will help a lot of people. Again, congratulations on expressing the truth and great success in getting back on track.
    4154 days ago
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