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Sunday, December 06, 2009

OK, so I don't actually know my exact finish time. But I do know two things: I finished in well under 56 minutes, which means I was running well under 14 min/mile (that's good for a slowpoke like me); and I most definitely was NOT last! In fact, I gotten my finisher's ribbon, walked a couple minutes to cool down, and posed for my sweetheart to take some post-race photos by the time the last two finishers crossed the line. Yay me! I'll post an exact finish time when they put them up, but I think it was around 54:30, which means I was running just over 13:30/mile - including walk breaks. So probably doing about 12:30 during the running intervals, which is GREAT for me!

It was COOOOOOLLLLLD, too, at the start line, anyway, which was at the start line, at the SF Maritime Aquatic Park. (Here's a map of the route: dserunners.com/sc
) That spot happens to be in just the right location to get strong winds right off the Bay, and boy were we getting blown around. I got there early to register and the wind was blowing so hard, it was just chilling me to the bone. Thank goodness I found some bushes to stand behind that gave some protection until it was time to start. Once the race began, I knew being too cold wouldn't be a problem! And anyway, when Jefferson St. turns into the Embarcadero, it turns southeast and from then on the wind wasn't a problem.

There were only two things that worried me a bit, one a couple days ago and one at the start of the race. The first was my brand spankin' new shoes, which were *supposed* to be nearly identical to my old shoes. I bought them on Monday and took a long walk (but not a run) in them on Tuesday, then threw them in my suitcase on Wednesday to come to California. Thursday I took a short run in them and - lo and behold - my ankles were killing me by the time I was done, and my heels were a bit achy and sore, too. Uh-oh. Clearly these were not the same as my old shoes, which felt great the first time I wore them. Luckily I had an older "spare" pair here at my sweetie's house, so I tried another short run in that pair on Friday with no ill effects.

The other thing that worried me was that, about 2 minutes into the race, I immediately got a stitch in my right side and had to stop and walk! It didn't last, though, and didn't return for the rest of the race. Whew.

So, in my old shoes, I made it less than halfway to the Ferry Building turnaround before the race frontrunners whooshed past me on the way back. Hee hee. I heard the leader finished in 22 minutes and change, not bad. I couldn't help but notice that while lots of women who passed by me smiled and gave me a thumbs up, or a "Way to go!" The men, on the other hand, were all business and rarely ever made eye contact. Kind of interesting.

At any rate, it was a great race for me. I pushed myself just a bit, not too much, and felt wonderful at the finish line. My sweetie was there waiting with camera in hand and took a picture of me crossing the finish line (I'll post it later when we download it). A terrific day!
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