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Let it SNOW!!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

I feel like a little girl looking out the window waiting for the first snow to fall. I would think after living in Russia for 3 years I would be sick and tired of snow and yet I am holding my breath to see it today!

We live in south Texas and are set for SNOW today and I am just about to burst with excitement! The schools are closing early in anticipation of the weather which I have to say is funny, but understandable. I remember in Russia it would be -30 outside and snowing like crazy and you would see little kids walking to school! How can you cancel school when there is at least 6 months of solid snow out of the year! But here in Texas we are not as prepared at they are, which as a child is a good thing, no school!!

I am heading out now to walk 3 miles before the weather gets bad, then it will be a Christmas celebration in my home as I continue to decorate, wrap gifts and listen to Christmas music!

If you cannot tell, I get excited about the smallest things in life! What can I say, I am still a child at heart and to be honest I hope it is something I never loose.

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  • no profile photo CD1799195
    Omgsh! I'm totally in the same boat as you. Yesterday it was raining and then it turned to snow, and I got so excited!!! It didn't amount to much but it still looked pretty. It laid a little on the ground and roof tops, snow is beautiful no matter where it is. It makes everything look so clean, and fun or something. I will always be a little girl at heart too. And, cannot imagine being "me" without that little girl. I can't believe texas is getting snow, I guess there are parts of it that can?... Hmm. lol I just considered it a hot southern state. Shows how much I know about those kinds of things.

    Hope you got lots of snow, and are enjoying it immensely!
    4172 days ago
    That is what my husband and miss about living up north. We both grew up in Iowa and the winters were brutal and lasted well into March and April. We watched the movie "Christmas with the Kranks" last night and out hearts ached when the snow started falling. Lucky for us our move to Colorado is not that far off and we will be able to enjoy the lovely snow once more!
    Thanks for sharing your heartfelt message of remembrance and that we all can find something to celebrate during this joyous season of blessings.
    Happy Holidays!

    4173 days ago
    I would be just as excited if I didn't have to drive so far to work.
    4174 days ago
    Snow! I want snow!!! In NYC some people freak out when the weather forecast mentions sleet..but others like me tend to take it in stride. However, in the semi-suburban store that I work in, people go mad! Pure mad! The lines are out of control, milk keeps disappearing, and last year a woman started crying when I informed her that we were out of salt (for the sidewalk:). My tongue was almost bitten off by the force of my jaw muscles clenching and preventing me from saying (sarcastic, snotty voice) "um..maybe you should have bought 2 or 3 bags from the display BEFORE the weather was semi-announced?" We always keep a stash of powdered milk and other supplies on hand. Our snow amounts tend to vary from year to year...from a light dusting, to very heavy snowfall, and the occasional blizzard.

    I attended parochial (Catholic) schools my entire life, and they were pretty stingy with the snow days. Childhood memories still reverberate with the sound of our Principal Brother Brian's voice booming over the PA system after prayers and before dismissal..(if I can get here, then so can all of you:)

    Tonight I am putting up the mini-tree (Charlie Brown style:) in my bedroom. All I need to get are some fresh candles for the house and an extra wreath to hang in my room.

    Simple joys like the smell of a new wreath or looking at old family photos make life enjoyable.

    Jennifer emoticon
    4174 days ago
    I remember, years ago, living in Vermont and the schools never closed because of snow. The school bus had a snow plough in front of it!!!! Then we moved to NC the next winter and snow had been forecast, there was panic buying in the stores (no bread or milk left) and the schools closed! I have to say that that year, there was only a flicker of snow there and lasted about 2 days!


    4174 days ago
    Jen, I am older than you are and believe me, I am still a child at heart! I may be mature, but I will never grow up! That is one reason I have so much fun with my granddarlings! I personally think one reason people aren't as happy and content today is because they have lost the 'child in them'! So hang on to it! It makes life a lot more fun!

    Love and Blessings,
    Judy emoticon
    4174 days ago
    The only time I get excited about snow is on Christmas Eve, at night when I'm snug on the couch in a warm house, the day when snow flakes replace miserably cold, nasty rain fall and when I'm skiing and it starts to snow very lightly....
    As you can see, those instances don't occur too often-LOL!
    After I moved here, I realized that somehow snow and me would have to become friends and I have come to be okay with it, as long as it goes away, but usually that doesn't happen.
    The same issue occurs in Virginia- people aren't used to snow, so they close the school. Unless there is a major blizzard, I think closing school is ridiculous-LOL! But, like you said, it's a kids' dream and a working parents potential night mare, haha. I can't say I've been too opposed though, as they usually only close here when it's somewhat warranted and truth be told, in the middle of winter, when the days are cold, short and yucky, having a day extra off sounds so right, doesnt' it?!
    I think being able to get excited about anything is such a gift-- something I also NEVER want to loose!

    4174 days ago
  • AMAS92568
    I'm just north of Houston so I'm just like you...waiting for the flakes to appear!
    4174 days ago
    We've got snow here in western Michigan---our first snowfall of the year---and it's beautiful! Over a foot now, and still coming down. We get "lake effect" snow--the light fluffy stuff--and lots of it. Our back yard is beautiful---all the evergreens coated with snow. I'm ready to make a big pot of healthy soup--making extra to freeze. It's a perfect day for that!
    4174 days ago
    I hope it snows! I hear it is snowing in East TX right now!
    4174 days ago
    Snow! I grew up in the midwest, and it's so funny to imagine closing school on account of a bit of snow. ;) I had a friend move down to Oklahoma, and he just laughs at everyone freaking out about the snow...it's cute! Enjoy it!
    4174 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6192608
    I'm in Canada and know exactly what you mean when talking about your experiences in Russia. It's funny for us at times when it gets so cold (it can get -30, -40 windchills here) and lots of snow but nothing is ever closed and then you see other places where they are getting a little bit and it causes so many problems and everything is shut down. But it's like you said, it's just because those areas aren't used to it and aren't prepared for it.

    And it is such a wonderful quality you have to still be excited about things like snow. Don't ever lose that quality! Too often we get jaded or aren't paying attention to those little things or what is happening now.
    4174 days ago
  • no profile photo ROCKNBUTTERFLY
    I am with you. I'm finding the kids warmest clothes in anticipation of the snow. We haven't gotten any yet in Spring at least where we are. South Houston is getting quite a bit though. Looking forward to doing hot chocolate with the kids well at least the oldest and my hubby. This is such a wonderful time of year. God bless
    4174 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    This post makes me giddy with want for some snow this year. LOL at the school cancellations, gotta get those snow days in somehow! Have fun!
    4174 days ago
    We had a dusting of snow when I visited my Mom over Thanksgiving (that was in WV) ~ We are supposed to possibly get some this week in RI !! Love running in the snow!

    Enjoy your holidays!
    4174 days ago
    I am also excited.....and like you over the small things too.
    My 4 children are looking out of the windows every 10 minutes.....LOL!! I know I will always be a child at heart....
    this is an early snow for our state...

    I can just hear your music.....we are listening to a few of Bing Crosby's albums. =)

    stay warm ~ Laura
    4174 days ago
    I too am hoping for snow! We've been getting plenty of rain. It's time now!! I'm praying for snow!!
    4174 days ago
    We are in Arizona in one of the higher elevations. Snow is in the forecast for Sunday, and like you, I'm so excited! I love snow!

    You stay safe out there on your walk while you enjoy the crisp, cool weather.

    4174 days ago
    Enjoy the beautiful winter weather, while I enjoy the miserable rain storm scheduled for all day today and most of tomorrow too.
    4174 days ago
  • BELG64
    You are so funny Jen! Just like a little girl indeed!
    I live in Illinois and we still have to see our first snow yet this year and personally I am hoping it stays away for another few months!!! That of course is just wishful thinking. I like looking at snow but I hate driving in it.
    4174 days ago
    Love your blog. I saw snow in the title and had to read as I was just checking the weather to see if it's going to snow tomorrow morning as I am meeting a group for a run. I live in Virginia and we haven't had much snow in the last few years. It's definitely going to do something, just hope it's snow. I have not run in the snow yet but think it would be awesome. Love your Sparkpage. It's so inspiring and the pics are great. Congrats on the baby! Keep up the good work! Have a great walk this am.
    emoticon emoticon
    4174 days ago

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