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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello all,
I have not been as active on Sparkpeople the last two months as I should have been. There is no excuse just me explaining whats been going on.

About two months ago I received an e-mail from my step-dad That my aunt had died. As many of you know,I did not have the easiest childhood and I do not speak to the woman that gave birth to me or my step-dad and I am just fine with that. If you do not know about my childhood,let's just say I have been on my own since I was 16,beatings and mental and sexual abuse were normal in my childhood,but that's in the past.

Anyway,I get this facebook message from Clark(the step-dad) that my aunt has died and left me in the will. One I freak out because they found me on facebook and two I learned that my aunt died.
So,I check first to see if my aunt really died,you would have to know more background to know why I had to do this,then I faceedbook back a message thanking them for letting me know and did they have the lawyers #.

I get ahold of the lawyer from my aunt's estate and this guy will not give me any information, says I will have to talk with the person in charge of the will,who might that be you ask,1 guess,that's right, the woman that gave birth to me, at this point I am really freaking out,because I want nothing at all to do with this woman, It has taken me years and I do mean years to get over my childhood and I know that some scars will not heal.

I try telling this lawyer that I do not have relations with her and he stonewalls me. At this point I call one of my friends who is friends with a lawyer that I have met twice, in the mean time these people keep messaging me on facebook, They tell me where I am named at in the will, and it turns out according to them that my aunt left me and the woman that gave birth to me lots of land.

Now, I am just about to lose it, During this time,my eating went to crap. I hear back from Pat(my friends friend the lawyer) tells me not to worry,she will get me a copy of the will,that was about 3 weeks ago,hopefully I will hear back from her soon.

I owe a big I'm sorry to my Treehouse. One of the wonderful women ask me if I had met someone,was that the reason I have been absent, That was not the reason,God love her for thinking that though. You all will be the second to know if I fall in love.

Right before Thanksgiving, I had to take my car to the mechanic twice,got a dumb ticket, played a mini-softball season,fall-out with boss at work and was fighting a cold,that was why at least for a couple of weeks I have not been in the Tree house.

Again, I am not offering any excuses,just explaining my behavior.
I promise you, I will make every effort to be more active,to be the example that I should and will be.
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