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Prejudice lost

Friday, November 20, 2009

I have to admit that I am a little skeptical to spiritual people. An old friend and me jokingly called a certain kind of people and theories for ”I-love-my-rectum” – from a book of affirmations where you should start your day in front of the mirror and tell yourself ”I love my forehead, I love my forehead, I love my forehead…and move on to eyes, nose, mouth, chin etc. Wotk through all your body and somewhere on that road you were to say ”I love my rectum” three times…

I do believe that you are what you think. I am really sure of it since I have breast cancer and came through it with the help of a friend who taught me ”brain technique” that saved me from going completely bananas.

But I often get a very strong impulse to pick my nose or fart loudly or burp or saying ”I collect barbiedolls and anything that´s pink and fluffy” when I meat yoga people who has this ethereal good look on their face and always give me a deeeeep look and sort of … know it all. And all these beautiful pictures and philosophical quotes…

I have no idea why I am so rebellic beause I love beautiful pictures and I collect good quotes and I read a book of daily quotaitions every morning and I practice meditation… but inside I am a farmers daughter and very hands on and not very into fluffy goodness and spiritual meetings…

And now I have met so interesting and funny sparkers that belong to this yoga tribe… I ency them their humour and wish I had thought of sending a bunch of apple goodies… I feel inferior – not because the yoga stuff but because of the fun and wit and care and … spirit!

It is so fun to be surprised, to find treasures without even looking. I must say that when I am not suicidal I really love life!

(and the green troll above is me expressing all character defects...)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've been thinking about your post now for a whole day. And I think I know what you mean, and can relate to what you are saying.

    Does one have to be phony to be spiritual? No.. the opposite. To me one of the highest manifestations of spirituality is being a good friend. There are all kinds of warnings in the world's scared scriptures about false displays of spirituality. Unfortunately, those displays are most visible, because ( often "clueless" as we say here in the U.S.) people are so outwardly displaying them. Like giving the deeeep look when completely inappropriate.

    I love your "fun and wit and care and spirit". And I love your honestly and willingness to search. Mature spirituality is willingness to, as Mother Theresa said, "See the divine in all His distressing disguises." and not recoil. It's not just pretty pictures and beautiful quotations, although those are certainly helpful on the journey. Maybe collecting Barbie dolls and pink fluffy things might help someone, too, for a while. But hopefully, eventually they'll realize that Barbies and fluffy things and pretty pictures don't satisfy the longing for what is real.

    Zen masters smack their students with a stick when the students drift away into fantasy. Wanting to pick your nose or fart loudly..... a smack? Perhaps.

    I'm enjoying your friendship.

    3642 days ago
    Who says you can't be spiritual, AND a rebel? I live in both those catagories.

    3642 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I love yoga and mediation (good for my health issues)...however, I skip the spiritual side of the yoga practice. Love the green troll.

    3642 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    I'm practising yoga, but I have never been asked to repeat the "I love my rectum or other body part", I would have laughed out loud. Maybe I haven't reached this level! Anyhow, I'm not really flexible! lol

    I know what you mean by this rebel side, I have the same desire when I come across very churchy persons who cannot say a word without a quote or without capitalizing the H. Yet, I don't feel inferior.
    3643 days ago
    Hee hee, love the picture. Who says ya can't have a spiritual recturm? Yoga keeps you stretched, meditation may keep you calm, but ya gotta keep moving and eating well or your spiritual self might explode! LOL

    Keep moving, keep tracking, keep laughing!

    3643 days ago
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