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Monday, November 09, 2009

Wow what a week, I now weigh 199 pounds.

On the third of March 2009 I weighed 310 with a dream of losing 100 pounds, 111 pounds later I now weigh 199 pounds. I can hardly believe what a change there has been in 2009.

More advice for people starting.

Start with the food counting, that's what I love this website for. Use the favorites tab, it's real helpful for tracking those foods you eat on a regular basis. Track EVERYTHING you eat, even the mayo, ketchup etc. I think it took me a month to figure it out properly. Find good food choices for restaurants you eat at on a regular basis, so you don't cheat when you are out. And DRINK WATER, I usually drink 4 cups after breakfast, two after lunch, and two after dinner. If I am still hungry after a meal, the water tends to fill me up. Anyway good luck, don't give up when you have a bad day. I kind of cheated this week at a party, and though I was disappointed in myself, I knew I would still lose the weight I gained that day, and all would be okay.
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