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My New Trainer!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Many of you know I recently got a new puppy. (Actually I bought him for my wife) He is a Blue Merle Sheltie. His name is Jumpin' Jiminy Cricket. He is now about 18 weeks old , very busy and pretty much runs our house. Even the older dogs(we have 4 others) hide from him sometimes.

Anyway, he has taken to following me around during my morning rituals. After he is fed, I take him out to do his duties, then we come inside so i can start exercising. He is right there, making sure I put my shoes and socks on correctly. and if he doesn't think it's right he unties them so I can do it right. then off to the stationary bike. As I ride, He makes sure the pedals are rotating properly and watches them spin round and round. he frequently yaps at me to motivate me to ride faster. After that we lift weights. He has to inspect them all to make sure I grab the right ones, Then as I am lifting he outs his paws on them and goes up and down while I lift. I assume this is to ensure I have enough weight to lift. Next we do crunches. And as the true trainer he iss. He is right there on my chest, looking me in the eye giving me encouragement to push harder. And every now and then he runs to the top of my head to lic the sweat off my forhead and check my ears. Not quite sure what the ear thing is , but I know he must have his reasons.
After exercising, we head out to the barn to feed, turn out the horses and muck the stalls. After all he has done to help me with my exercises, he is right there to help with the chores.
As I load the cart with hay, he is checking to make sure II grab the right amount by jumping up on the bales and separating them into flakes. As I push the cart out to the turnout area , he is making sure the wheels are turning and helping by biting the wheels and barking at them. Time to muck, as I rake the manure, he likes to grab the manure fork and pull it to where he thinks I should be raking, occasionally stopping for a little snack. And I have to tell you, he is strict. If he thinks I'm doing it wrong he grabs the fork and dumps the contents out! He does the same while I am sweeping as well.
When I dump the shavings (bedding) into the stalls, He jumps into the pile and runs around helping me spread them around.
I am truly grateful for his help. he is quite the accomplished trainer/helper. Although, I think it takes me twice as long to get things done now. But I'm sure his thoughts are, longer time, more training, more calories burned! Yeah I can see that!.
Hmmm wonder what he has in store for me today?.........
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