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Being a good example

Monday, October 26, 2009

I have been thinking a lot about my 13 yr old son and starting to worry. He is at the very top of normal for his weight. A pound or two more and he will be considered overweight. When he has his shirt off he has the little "man boobs" and has quite a jelly belly. His diet has always been horrendous. He is such a picky eater!!! We have always lived by the policy that you eat what is served or you go hungry~ I am not a short order cook. He frequently chooses to go hungry. I always make sure there is something I kow he likes and will almost always eat such as mandarin oranges or whole wheat bread.

Lately I noticed he has become obsessed with his snacking. For example, he knew we were going out of town on Sunday so beginning on Friday night he kept repeatedly asking me if we were going to stop at a gas station and get a snack on the way to or from. It was so weird! It is really starting to bother me that he has this obsession as to when the next junk food snack is going to be.

We do pretty good with keeping the junk out of the house. My 11 yr old has no problems doing without it, hubby has no issues with junk food, and of course I prefer it out of the house too. However, hubby and I had a talk this evening and we are going to do better. We had stuff like club crackers than can be replaced with whole wheat crackers. The white rolls we get for subs can be replaced with whole wheat. The frozen waffles, etc... can be replaced. If we don't have it in the house they can't eat it.

It is just impossible to control what they eat. School is the worst. They offer a free breakfast and the boy gets a donut or two every day. For lunch today he had Nachos and Cheetos and chocolate milk~ nice, huh??? Plus when they go over to friends' homes. There are going to be some big changes in our house. No more just Mommy eating healthy. The rest of them are going to also.

Exercise must also be strongly encouraged. He is now old enough to go to the gym with me so maybe I need to make an extra trip after school so he can come with me a couple of days per week. I need to get my tail out to the track with him or tennis courts. He loves spending time with me... instead of hitting a movie like we usually do, we need to do something aerobic!

I can't help but think I have been a bad example to him and I feel pretty bad about that. He has seen me binge and has gotten mad at me before for eatin all the cookie or whatever. I hope it is not too late to turn him around... Just another reason- a very important one- as to why I need to keep plugging away at this and NOT QUIT!!!
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    It is never too late. My girls are 41 and 37 and I have been on their case for years about their weight. I never had junk food in the house when they were growing up.
    I packed healthy nutritious lunches which I found out (years later) that they traded for twinkies and ho hos. When each of them moved out shortly after they were 18, they gained tons of weight really fast and blamed it on me because I wouldn't give them the junk food. I didn't want them to look like me. Now they are both over 300 pounds, smoke, and never exercise. I'm surprised they don't have health problems already. Something else they never have is dates. It may be shallow, but weight does make a
    difference to a lot of guys.
    4249 days ago
    You've got the right attitude! Don't beat around the bush and don't criticize him...just lay it out straight and simple. Use your own struggles as the perfect example as to why he should want to develop healthier habits now, before he faces similar struggles in the future. Make it about your time together and the benefits, not about the "weight" itself. My $0.02. :)
    4249 days ago
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