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THE dress!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ok so I'm getting married in Feb. 2010. I have been scouring catalogs and websites for dresses. I think I found one. As of today it is THE dress. When me and my MOH saw this we both started crying. Pics are below. Let me know what you think.

I'm not saying I am getting this dress but for now this is totally my motivation dress. This will be a show stopper dress. I am challenging myself that if I can get to 190 by then I might try to pull it off. My back fat is starting to diminish so I am seriously thinking this may be one of my top choices.

I have printed pics of this dress and have them hung up at my desk at work. This is also the first pic of a dress I have not let my fiance see so I really think this could be THE ONE. I am going to hang pics of other dresses on my fridge and pantry door to serve as reminders of THE DRESS so it may stop me when I feel tempted. I am incredibly nervous of the back on this dress but if I get to 190 by then I am telling you I will rock the heck outta this dress! And the price of it is almost enough to make you think you are dreaming. $139, no lie! If you are getting married or are going to be a bridesmaid check out this website:


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