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The RAW Blog: Fall Cleanse Day 1

Sunday, October 11, 2009

[76 days Raw and counting]

I decided to do Frederic Patenaude's "Fall Cleanse" because I felt I needed to re-focus on the raw food basics - fruit and veggies. I've been eating way too many nut-based and dehydrated raw foods over the last few weeks and I was feeling a little lethargic. I'm happy to share Frederic's notes and my own here.

If you are considering trying raw for 7 days to see if you can hack it, this program would probably be the most challenging for you as it kicks off with a full 24-hour fast. Remember, this program is only a 7 day cleanse. After the 7 days, other raw foods will be incorporated into the diet. I want to emphasize that this is NOT the way I eat every day. After the cleanse, I will re-introduce nuts, seeds, oils, avocado etc., into my diet, but in smaller quantities.

I started my fast at 5:00 PM yesterday and broke the fast at 5:00 PM today with a papaya & banana pudding, plus 3 more bananas. Fred emphasizes having mono meals (one type of fruit at a time, like a bunch of bananas, or a mango, or some kiwis, etc.) as the best way to break the fast.

I drank a lot of water today and didn't feel any symptoms other than a little lightheadedness towards the end of the fast. I don't expect to have the same detox symptoms (headaches, breakouts) that I had when I went 100% raw almost 3 months ago.

If you jump into this 7 Day Cleanse from a SAD plan, here are some detox signs you might experience:

1. Low energy, depression in the first few days
2. Cravings for unhealthy foods
3. Self-doubt and fear
4. Headaches
5. Mental “fogginess”
6. Sweating, bad breath, etc.

Remember, you often have to feel worse before you feel better. Just think about all the toxins that are being released from your body, and focus on how good you're going to feel after as little as one day of detox!

Some common benefits you can expect during/after the 7 Day Cleanse are:
1. Weight loss and fat loss, often around 5 to 7 pounds in these 7 days.
2. Energy increase
3. Overcoming cravings and addictions to food
4. More energy and desire to exercise
5. New outlook on life, positivity
6. Symptoms of chronic diseases start to fade away
7. Renewed happiness
8. Sinuses cleared
9. Vision improvement
10. Sexual energy renewal and increase
11. Improved blood sugar metabolism
12. Improved complexion
13. Improved sleep
14. And more!

What You’ll Eat
The basics of the cleanse are very simple. You’re only allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables.
1. Sweet and juicy fruits (including bananas)
2. Greens
3. Vegetable that are normally eaten raw

The foods that are NOT allowed on this cleanse are:
1. Nuts, seeds, avocados, and any food containing fat (including oils)
2. Powders, supplements and any food coming from a factory
3. Any type of cooked food (including steamed vegetables)
4. Bread, cereals, and any form of grain product (including sprouted grains)
5. Any type of animal products (including raw milk products)
6. Salt and condiments of any kind (including seaweed)
7. Dehydrated foods

In a nutshell (no pun intended) the food you eat for these 7 days must be:

1. Either a fruit or a vegetable
2. It must be raw
3. It must be fresh
4. It must be fat-free

Blending and juicing is allowed.

To prepare for the Cleanse:
if you want to get the best results from the cleanse, you should avoid certain foods in the days leading to it. These foods to avoid starting 3 -4 days before the cleanse are:
1. Cheese
2. Meat and Fish
3. Bread
4. Highly refined foods

If you drink coffee and you give it up during the cleanse, you will experience more detox symptoms than people who don’t drink coffee and do the cleanse. In fact, most of your detox symptoms will come from caffeine withdrawal.

Note: If you are a heavy coffee drinker, it can take some time - up to a month - to rid your body of the toxins/symptoms. Fred has written several articles on his website about coffee. Here are a few:


Here's the Shopping List for the week. Because I will continue on raw after the cleanse, I did take Fred's recommendation and bought a case of bananas and a case of oranges. It made a hefty dent in my pocketbook, but I am saving money in the long run. Whatever I don't use this week I will freeze (if it's getting too ripe).

Mango: 6 to 10 pounds (if available)
Apple: 4-5 pounds
Pears: 3-4 pounds
Orange: 1 case or several pounds
Kiwi: 3-4 pounds
Pineapple: 2-4
Banana: one case
Papaya: If available: 4-5
Melon: If you can find good ones: 3-4
Cherries: 2-3 pounds
Lemons or Limes: 2-3 pounds
Coconuts (for water): optional
Romaine Lettuce: 4-6 heads
Carrot: 1 bag (large)
Celery: 4 heads
Kale and other greens: 3-4 heads
Parsley: 1 head
Cucumber: 2-3 pounds
Tomato: 2-3 pounds
Spinach: 1-2 heads

If you are the type who needs detailed daily menu plans and recipes, be forewarned. You won't have them here. You just prepare what you want using the fruits/veggies on hand. Here's a typical day:

Fruit for breakfast - example: 7 oranges juiced (I put the whole orange in the blender since I like the pulp)
Fruit for AM snack: example - mango and bananas
Fruit/veggie for lunch: 4 oranges, kale or romaine, cucumber, apple blended
veggie for PM snack: carrots, tomatoes, celery
Big leafy green salad for dinner with tomatoes, carrots, etc.,
Note: you cannot use oil. Use your fruits (lemons, limes, oranges) for dressing.

As I said, this is not the easy 7 day plan. If you are interested in the 7 Day Challenge that jump started everything for me, I'll send you the link.

Be well,

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    I would be very interested in the 7 day plan that helped get you started on the RAW diet! Please, send the link. Thank you!
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    Good Luck with your cleanse. It sounds very interesting. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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