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I went to the convention

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a brief entry now,, hope to make it longer later today.

I missed the exit on 75/71 this morning and went to the next one to turn around. I got to the parking garage just as the folks were gathering outside of the convention center. I got to the base of the garage just as folks were starting their walk along the Ohio river.....I wanted to be part of the group.

Presently, I needed to figure out why I hadn't been losing weight and what I needed to do differently. I've been frustrated with seeing people come into Sparks long after me, and not progressing as they have progressed.

It was a combination of things which left me Sparked by the end of the day. First, someone from Sparks reached out to me throughout the day; secondly, the activities were upbeat and informative; thirdly, I got to meet members, both new and some from on-line; and I was able to identify which stage I need to revisit.

I didn't order the lunch but brought some of my own fruit in my purse, coupled with some trial potato chips that Sparks offered and the best tasting hamburger from the hotel's snack bar that they provided. Parking was really reasonable for the day. Sparks permitted walk-ins, which I did.

It was the community spirit that I've been needing; plus, my exercise has been dwindling--so that got jump started as well. While I'll continue with some good things that I've been doing, I came away with needing to vocalize some of my goals when I'm around others where I feel tempted not to follow good things, measure my plate and start using smaller ones for my food, and do a better job of meal planning. I have the good stuff in my kitchen, just need to plan better as to how to execute it--meaning, how to get the food from my kitchen to alongside me when I put it into my mouth. I really am a border line person between grab and go and mix it and fix it.

All and all, a very good day. Thanks, Sparkpeople for your help to make me a healthier person and engage in a better lifestyle.
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