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Changing direction...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another week in the books and new things learned. When I jumped on the scale Saturday it showed 254.2 or a loss of 3 pounds, but it wasn’t actually. My lowest weight was two-weeks ago at 253.4 and last week showed a huge plus on the scale to 257. Lesson learned; don’t put your plus-progress into Spark; it only leads to confusion. emoticon I had all types of ‘praise’ on my friend feed for “losing 3 pounds,” but the praise wasn’t earned. Now, that being said; if you’ve spent time ‘off the wagon’ and have gained then I think it’s good to input that gain and start anew.

The weather in Ohio is starting to change and with that change brings cooler weather. emoticon With cooler weather brings less bike time or much colder bike time. The thing that I'll miss the most is solitude of riding. When riding alone the only things to hear are your heartbeat and the breeze blowing by; even when riding with a group there are gaps of silence. I'll also miss MEGA CALORIE burning Saturdays. emoticon It's become quite common to burn near 3,000 calories on Saturday long rides. It’s time to change direction and get back into running. I’ll still bike when the weather permits and I hope to get a trainer for the basement, but days are numbered for riding outside. I feel a great loss as this change comes about. I’ve made great friends this summer and have accomplished great goals along the way. I actually feel like I’ve just hit my second peak of the year. I’m thinking of trying some spin classes. This should help keep my legs strong in the ‘off’ season. I’ve also recently picked up a book about weight training for cyclists. I used to think that I wanted to be one of those huge muscular guys at the gym, but I’m now seeing that I’d rather have functional muscle than bulk. Useable, real-world muscle that won’t get in the way of swimming, biking, running or yoga. I’m anxious to start reading this book to see what new types of training I can apply to further my weight loss and increase my lean muscle. It’s also time to start seriously thinking about learning to swim properly. If I’m ever going to complete a triathlon I need to know how to swim.

The other question that I ask myself is “how much more weight can I lose?” Many of you have commented on my pictures about how thin that I look, but under the clothing is a totally different beast. I’m talking excess skin galore. We could probably re-create Michael Jackson with the extra ‘me.’ The many years of being morbidly obesity has left me with a great amount of ‘extra me’ just hanging around. I would jump at the chance to have a full-body lift done, but who among us can afford to have that done? I need to find me a ‘sugar momma’ to take care of the payment for said surgery. I believe that if I had the surgery they would remove enough of ‘me’ to put me near my original goal weight of 225. At my height that would still leave me in the ‘overweight’ BMI category, but that scale has many things wrong with it. More on the surgery subject in the future.

So friends, as the seasons are changing is it time for you to reevaluate what you’re doing? Is it time to kick it in gear to reach your goal by year end? Are YOU taking advantage of everyday? There are days that even the most stringent of us says “NO” to that question, but if you’re giving it 90% that’s better than zero. emoticon

This coming weekend is the Spark Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m stoked (I think TAMZTIME is as well). emoticon We’ve had the chance to meet some great Spark friends in the last year and I’m really looking forward to meeting some new friends this weekend. Stay tuned; I’ll post pictures when I can.

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  • AMCG2002
    Hey, I don't know how I missed your post, but definitely some interesting things in there. I think once you are able to consult with doctors, they will have a protocol and pre-surgical qualifications. I do understand your predicament. Also, if you can meet with possible surgeons, they may know ways to get insurance to cover at least some of the costs.

    You know I'm a fan of resistance training. It's been a part of my program from day one. It has also made losing weight even more fun because as the pounds have come off, they have revealed the toned muscles.

    As for myself, I've been enjoying getting back into running. Since we are going to be losing our big Saturday calorie burns, I'm interested to see how my weight loss will continue. At least the running is mixing things up a bit and I have noticed a change in my legs already. Sometime I'm going to have to start swimming again, but I'm not ready to do that yet. I want to continue exercising outside as long as I can.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Cincinnati and look forward to hearing all about it!

    4280 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3965061
    Ok, so there's a couple things that you posted here in your blog that I must comment on...
    First off, glad to hear that you have lost the idea of becoming a "muscle man" that wears only sleeveless shirts out everywhere to show off their buffness;)!!!
    Secondly, as I suggested to you before, I think trying a spin class would be great for you. That'll be a great winter class for you to experience.
    And lastly...and you know where I'm going with this...the "sugar momma" comment is funny! But let's just leave it at that OK!!!
    Tam emoticon
    4283 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3633680
    I'm sure you and Tammy will have a great time at the convention. Wish I could go...
    I've really noticed the last couple weeks, how fast the weather is changing. Just day to day life makes it so my workouts either need to be really early, or really late - lately I've noticed when I leave for the gym in the morning it is dark, and come home when it's still dark :(
    I'm sure you'll find something new that'll keep you on the right track. Spin class!! You have to try one...after one I was hooked.

    You may want to check out 'the New rules of lifting for men' by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove...I have the womens edition and my trainer was so impressed by the amount and quality of instruction that he bought the men's edition.

    As for the excess skin, you're still in the weight loss mode, so I highly doubt that should even be a concern yet. Like pinpress said, it's generally advised to 'weight' a year ...give your skin a chance to catch up to the rest of you. Training with weights and toning up can only help the process...
    4284 days ago
    Have fun at that SP convention. Wish we could have made it over.

    On the skin issue, I am fortunate that I haven't got a lot of loose skin, but I have more than I would care to count. I have to get a little further down the road before I even think about that. You just have to do what is right for you.

    Great observation about the changing seasons giving an excellent check up point and an excellent window for shaking up the routine.

    On the weight tracker, I think that you should put the gains in sp, but sp should note it in the friend tracker that you gained this week, giving everyone an opportunity for encouragement.
    4284 days ago
    Bill, We all struggle! I know you know that. Sometimes, the struggle weighs heavy on our hearts and minds. I would like to make a suggestion if I may: When you are working out, as you inhale, in your mind, breathe in success, exhale failure. What ever you want, can be tight body, flabby skin. This changes our thinking, and the way we feel. I do it all the time but in prayer to change me in the situations I am in. It works.

    When losing weight, I struggle with the constant fear of failure, rejection, self sabotage. Sabotage with relationships, weight loss, failure to lose/keep weight off. Fear of what I will look like, become, or how others will see me. Hey buddy, my self talk can get pretty mean. If I listen to much, I could be on the path of not losing weight for the rest of my life. One thing I am learning too, is it doesn't matter what others think. I have known this, but at 47, still struggling to KNOW and ACCEPT this wonderful knowledge. Depending on the situation, I breathe in my thoughts matter, exhale, others thoughts don't matter. I shorten it of course, but it helps me stay focused.

    The strengthening advise above makes sense to me. Sounds great actually. I have thought about joining a gym, but, I know my past history with them. Still one I am mulling around.

    If you follow Ann's advise and go the SoCal central coast route, you, Tam, or whoever else you are with must stop by and say hello. :) Of course, we will come to you. My mom lives right on the beach in Pismo, well, there is a golf course between her and the beach. This of course is on the Central Coast. Lovely, cold during the summer months. It can be hot, but most of the time, cool. Hot means 80 degrees, or sometimes a tad hotter, but always cools down.

    I might add that Fall here is beautiful! We have the cool evenings and mornings, but the hot days. Usually up to the 80's-90's rarely the 100's. Today, we are supposed to get to 99 degrees. Hey, were the desert. Would love to see the colors you have.

    Good luck with the plans you have for the winter months. Also have fun at the SP Convention.

    As always, thanks for letting me share.

    4284 days ago
    My trainer has always said give yourself at least a year after losing the weight to give your skin time to recover before thinking of surgery. Almost everyone I've seen who has done a surgical tuck of some kind after weight loss found that they gained weight from enforced inactivity.
    How about posting any cyclists-weight-training exercises that you think are particularly useful?
    My bike is going to be here in about a week. Turned out they had to wait for the 2010 models because the 2009's were all gone.
    And if you do vacations out of state, you should consider California's Central Coast (Santa Barbara to Monterey) for some excellent rides in the winter.
    4284 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2405644
    Hey Bill,

    I am echoing ArthurTom's comments. The weight training and hydration really does help with lose skin. Obviously, genetics may play a role in how elastic your skin is but you can definitely maximize what you have by weight-training. One of my best friends lost 320 pounds over the last 2 years and has become a weight-training convert. She isn't huge (too much estrogen for that) but it took care of the lose skin.
    4284 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    Bill, I had people tell me when I was weighing around 260 that I wouldn't be able to lose any more weight as I would have a lot of skin hanging around. So far that hasn't been a problem, but I have always kept myself well hydrated and have have muscle training for the last year and nine months 3 times a week. While the cardio exercise that I have been doing has been instrumental in helping me to dump the fat, I believe it is the strength training and muscle training along with keeping well hydrated with water that has kept my skin somewhat tight and elastic. You have the right mindset on the muscle thing, as I too don't want to bulk up that big as to walk around flexing big, unusable muscles all day!

    Being as I work every muscle group in the body three times a week with the weights, they have responded in time to appear big when I do flex but for the most part they are not a problem with getting in the way. I'm sure if you do start weight training you can get good advice from a personal trainer (or anyone that regularly does weight training here on spark people) when you add that to your workout regimen.

    You may want to seriously investigate the possibility of weight training as an adjunct to your regimen to tone up and pull that skin in somewhat...although the idea of a "sugar momma" wasn't lost on me! emoticon
    4284 days ago
    I can sympathize with the excess skin woes. Maybe someday...

    I've been making myself get out on the bike more lately, and enjoying the solitude and the wind and being one with nature. With running you're connected to the ground, and for me that makes me hyperaware. On the bike, I get to let go a little more and be outside the moment. Good time for mediating. :)

    My plans for the fall will be to recommit to being more present and not letting little upsets get to me. I've been a little blah of late and I think that I've been stressing over little things and that's been sapping my energy, slowly but surely.

    See you on Saturday!

    4284 days ago
    Have fun at the SP Convention!

    4284 days ago
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