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End of the honeymoon and the coming down to earth to nuture the right wolf again

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This week is my six month anniversary in spark .I am an emotional overeater and since been in spark I had forgotten all about it .I had lost the need or the wish to overeat .Definetly I was in my honeymoon in spark .Probably all the excercise, kept me from the wish to binge at midnight or any other time,and even refrain me most of the time from the surge for sugar. Although I don't avoid it 100% about once a month I eat something like a frozen fruit bar.You might be wondering where I am leading too.Yesterday night I went into my first ever binge since 2009 and since spark.There was no particular difficult reason .I just brought the enemy into the house(not me my son).
I thought it was no problemn and decided to eat it next day.I was wrong .It got me hungry and I started eating nothing would feel me until I ate the d.. cuban sandwitch at about two am after I even had closed my food tracking a long time ago.Luckly the mayoneise made me harm and couldn't hardly eat anything but soups today.That was not the point for me.I most always remember to keep the watch.Probably if I would have started quick firing or doing any other exercise it would have been a different story.
Tonight just in case although I don't anymore have anything at home that will spark me I exercised late at night.Was not sure if I should share it or not and decided it might help someone else.Luckly my feet are better tonight and could walk on the threadmill .So I AM GOING BACK to basics and reviewing what I have been doing since beggining spark.I have to go back and read the articles they use to help me a lot and homecoking which I don't like too much.After the walk felt quite energized again and it help me decide to post.
This will be the beggining of my daily consciuosly nuturing my healthy food and exercises habits .Don't misunderstand me I did it before.,but thought that the battle had finish and that everything was going to be happily everafter and it would not if I don't consciusly make it part of my daily battle with my other wolf the same way I battle many othercharacter defects and nuture the ones I want.I had many other choises to make if I would have stop to think .First I new better than think that the urge would never come back I would need to be in the watchout daily and beware of nuturing the habits I want to win.
So it has been good that it happened in my anniversary as it would be easier to recall as a reminder to be alert.You never graduate this is a continuos process in which we grow but don't graduate.That's why it is not a diet but a change in lifestyle.
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  • HILARY777
    Just dropped by to encourage you. I have had the same problem. I lost interest for a while. But I just remember back to when I quit smoking - I had to try several times before I actually quit for good and loosing weight and getting fit are somewhat the same - I just have to keep trying. Good luck! You can do it - try try again it's worth it.
    Hilary emoticon
    4173 days ago
    Marta, cuando lei lo que escribibio me parecia que era yo pues me es muy dificil ultimamente porque tengo osteoartritis en las caderas y rodillas, cuando hago ejercicios al otro dia parece que me dieron una pela (ja, Ja,).Usted tiene una fuerza de voluntad fuerte. Me ha gustado mucho su(no se como se escribe en espanol Blog). me ha ayudado mucho. yo tengo muchas libras para vajar todavia..gracias Marta.. su amiga de sparkpeople...Marta. emoticon emoticon
    4224 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/26/2009 8:18:43 PM
  • no profile photo HOKU-ALOHI
    Yo soy sólo al comienzo de este viaje en la salud. Estás mucho más lejos que yo en este proceso. No te preocupes, "Lo que bien se aprende, nunca se pierde." Sé que tienes la fuerza, el conocimiento y el poder para continuar tu viaje en la salud.
    Con carino,

    Hola Marta,
    I am only at the beginning of this journey in fitness. You are much farther ahead than me in this process. Do not worry, "That which you have learned well, you never forget." I know that you have the strength, knowledge, and power to continue your journey in health.
    Aloha ~~ Maya

    4226 days ago
  • no profile photo HOKU-ALOHI
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4226 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/24/2009 12:02:29 AM
    You are so right, Marta. It is a daily battle and it will never be over. We must always be on guard and walk the walk into a healthy lifestyle. You are such a powerful woman. Thanks for sharing.

    Tamatha emoticon
    4230 days ago
  • STELA731
    Marta, you have made such incredible progress that a slip up here and there is OK, I think. Once in a while, allowing yourself a treat keeps it real, I think. We know you're going to pick up the next day and keep on going on your healthy new lifestyle. Good luck to you.

    PS - I'm writing this as I finish a Haagen Daaz dark chocolate covered chocolate ice cream bar!!! emoticon
    4233 days ago
    Great post. Thank you for sharing it.
    I actually think that CONGRATULATIONS are in order.
    Mastery is acheived by how we respond to our slip ups. You are in a totally different place from before the past 6 months. Now, you eat one sandwich at 2 am and the alarm bells go off and you come up with a game plan. Now that response is worth celebrating! Not that it's easy to go for the self correction. You are back to the basices of doing what you need to do now and that is fantastic, no matter how hard!
    It's a sign of learning deep in your heart emoticon emoticon
    Go for it!
    4233 days ago
    Marta, the wonderful thing is that you have learned from the experience. No one is perfect, and we're all going to give in at some point. But it's important to learn from the experience, and pick ourselves up and just keep going!

    Proud of you!
    4234 days ago
    Very insightful Blog, Marta. I like what you said about nurturing the good habits, and being ever watchful for the "wolf". You're right, that's what it feels like, and it certainly is an ongoing battle.
    I too, have been fooled into thinking I had it beat and conquered; that the "urge would never come back".
    Thank you for this reminder to remain vigilant.
    4234 days ago
    Like you, I'm getting back to basics as well. You are definitely not alone in this battle as many are on the roller coaster. Good for you in recognizing your triggers. Exercising was a brilliant idea and you should be proud of yourself. It's not easy getting back on, but you did and for that a big WOO HOO! to you!!!

    4234 days ago
    You're right, the honeymoon really is over! I'm getting back to basics myself.
    4234 days ago
    Thanks for posting your blog, Marta! I've been struggling lately, too - in part because I can't exercise right now (the aprained ankle on the first day running after the sore hip - thanks for your encouragement on that!). It's frustrating to realize that we've let things get a little out of hand, but it's good that you see it right now and that you're ready to take charge again.
    Keep at it, and I will, too!

    4234 days ago
    4234 days ago
  • STACI388
    You are right this process will never end. It will continue for the rest of our lives. I am happy that you realized that you had done something unhealthy and then tried to fix it with exercise. I understand it is difficult but we are doing it. Keep up the great work!
    4234 days ago
    Thanks for sharing how you plan to conquer the wolf. It is an ongoing battle
    4234 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114604
    Marta emoticon Blog...and you are right..going back to the Basics is a smart move...and i bet that will give you the results you want to see...overall you are doing great already..only 6months on Spark and look how far you have come emoticon but it is an ongoing Battle..the weight loss journey..and especially keeping good healthy habits in your life that is an neverending Battle...and the only choice we should make..you are on the right track..and i know you can do it!!! Thanks for posting this.. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4234 days ago
    I've been there done that. I've been back on Spark for about 6 months and was doing fine until I went on vacation. Now I am having to rededicate myself. Slowly but surely I am getting back on track. You will too. emoticon
    4234 days ago
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