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I *Should* Feel Guilty . . .

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I am a little bit conflicted this afternoon. My husband came home from classes in a good mood for the first time in months. His classes are very stressful and he has all but become a ghost around our home. He surprised us with pizza, soda and those new Lava Cakes from Pizza Hut.

I should have declined or at least I could have grabbed the salad out of the fridge and only had ONE piece but I have missed him so much that any offering from him, even unhealthy food, seemed like an offering from the Gods. This is classic social eating at its worst.

Two pieces of pizza, some diet coke and a lava cake which was so good I had to sit and soak up its glory for about 10 minutes all went down the hatch. I think I ate about 1200 calories.

I will burn 600 tonight but still can't believe how easily I let my guard down! If I work really hard the rest of the night and watch portions I will probably only be over my calories by about 400. It could be worse, I guess, but I just can't believe how easy it is to go back to "living fat".

I know I should feel guilty and I am usually the person who feels very guilty about eating junk on a diet but I do not. I had fun this afternoon! It just concerns me that the most fun I have had in weeks had food at its center.
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    I had pizza too last nught...pita pizza! LOL...but I understand when the hubby is thoughtful ya need to let him know you apreciate it. You already stated what you woulda shoulda coulda....grab the salad first next time and stop at one piece...then if you are dying for it...the lava cake too. AT least you stopped and "gloried in it for 1o minutes" instead of downing it mindlessly.

    If you had only had 1 piece. sounds like you would have broken even.

    But don't beat yourself up...that sows the seeds of failure. Learn from it and let it go. Today is a new day. Make it a good one and focus on THAT...now any "sins" from yesterday. You can do this! Just keep your focus on the GOOD things tht support "success"

    By the way...for the pita=pizza- I used whole wheat pita bread(8inch rounds) spread 1/4 cup pizza sauce over each one, I used turkey-pepperoni(17 pieces is only 70 cals)and mushrooms and 1/3 cup part skim mozzarella on top or each. I topped the cheese with sliced onion and thinly sliced garlic. Bake at 400 for about 10 minutes- then blast on broil just enough to bubble the cheese....350 cals! Really fills you up-generous amount of cheese too- ...and the hubby loved it!
    4301 days ago
  • MOLS626
    I completely understand where you are coming from and your actions. My husband works all day and takes night law school classes so, when he is home, he is either sleeping or trying to get some studying in. He is a 'ghost' at home many days, like your husband. I always get weak in the knees and cave to the temptations. Long story short....I feel your discouragement and I understand. I'm here to support you if/when you need (and when you dont :)
    4301 days ago
    You shouldn't feel guilty. If you don't let yourself enjoy things once in a while, it can later turn into a nightmare where you can't STOP letting yourself enjoying it. I agree with all the other comments. This was a gift. Enjoy it :)
    4301 days ago
    Hi there, I'm Jen and I saw your blog entry via Mrsshannon1970. If I'm not being too bold, I think what you did was perfect. Not because you ate a bunch of stuff, but because you were (in a way) honoring the lovely gift your husband was giving you. You said how rare it was that he was home, happy, and bearing food. He's working hard to better himself for your family. It's great that you could put aside your food worries for a bit and enjoy this gift. That's the great thing about real change, it's not that you slid back into your old eating habits... you had a treat and showed your appreciation. You'll be back to your normal habits tomorrow. Good for you.
    4302 days ago
    One splurge in a blue moon is okay. Even Jillian Michaels eats pizza, but the biggest thing is that it has to stay a treat, don't do this once a week, or whatever.
    4302 days ago
    If it's a rare treat, then don't worry about it. You've already made a bunch of progress from what I see on your SparkPage. One big splurge isn't going to set you back.
    4302 days ago
    Hey guess what? I had my non guilty craving fulfilled today too! I had a cheeseburger and small fries from McDees and they were GREAT! I started to feel guilty and then realized that was crazy thinking. So, I gave into a craving. Big deal. I don't do it everyday. In fact I do it very rarely any more as eating healthy feels good. I bet you don't give in often either. Enjoy that treat and then get back in the game. You'll be fine. Be happy that DH was trying to be thoughtful. Guess what else? I'm going to go make a big salad, steamed veggies and lean pork tenderloin for dinner! OK maybe I feel a little guilt.
    4302 days ago
    OK - well listen I am the same way you are, at least once a week I have something that i really crave and like and that is it. The fact that DH bought it home for you, how do you say no? Its impossible and you did fine, you just dont do it daily! LOL

    4302 days ago
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