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Challenge Blog-What Motivates Me?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've been thinking about this for a day or two. What really motivates me to lose weight. There are the obvious ones, such as, wanting to look better, and feel better, being a good example to my childre, etc. But, I thought that was too easy, and I'd write about the not so obvious ones.

I work as a waitress. For those of you that have had this job, it is very demanding, both physically, and mentally. I'm on feet for my entire shift. I have a lot of back pain, knee pain, and foot pain. I originally started to lose the weight, because I knew it would make it easier for me to my job. Not to mention, people don't just tip based on how good the service was. Unfortunatly appearances do matter.

My Brother is currently in the middle east with the Marines. I really want to surprise him when he comes home next Spring. I want to greet him at the airport, a few sizes smaller, in a nice outfit. I want him to be as proud of me, as I am of him.

She doesn't think I can do it. I've lost weight before, and never reach my goal. I give up, and of course, gain all the weight back. For whatever reason, my Mother does not know how to be supportive. Her comments are always negative. She has always put me down, and said really hurtful things about my size. I want her to know that I can do it. I want to get one size smaller than her, so I can pack up the clothes that are her size, and give them to her. I want to say THESE ARE TOO BIG FOR ME MOM, I THOUGHT YOU COULD USE THEM!

Ok, that last one is a bit on the Bi__chy side, but I can't help it. If you knew my Mother, or read the blog I wrote about her, you would understand. I'm not the only one that feels this way about her. My Sister, and Brother feel the same way. Even though they don't have a weight problem, my Mother finds other reasons to belittle them. Any way, enough about that.

These are 3 of my not so obvious motivations.
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  • no profile photo CD2362834

    it is what it is (she is)! wish there was a way to change it.... but i'm sure she'll see!

    btw, did you know? losing 10 lbs = 40 lbs off the knees! Woot!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon keeping your db in our t&p's. (ours are all home at the moment, 1 may be redeployed)
    4309 days ago
    I know you and I have talked about all 3 of these things in the past, but kudos to you for putting them all down in one place. And as two of your reasons are very much like my own (cousin in the military and 3 people in my life who are like your mother) I love going on the journey with you as a friend. What better way to do this than to have someone else with you who knows what it is like to want to make someone so proud they will bust and to also then be able to thumb your nose at the "haters" and say Bite Me.

    LOL - You are doing a wonderful job and I'm so proud of you. Not just for the physical side but for the emotional as well. Keep it up lady.
    4314 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    I did read your other blog about your Mom. I honestly think deep down she does not mean to be that way. Bless her heart and yours. She probably wants more than anything for you to loose the weight for all of the reasons you have listed but when she goes to say something, it never comes out the way she intended.

    I had one of those Moms - hard to please and even if you tried, she would find something else to focus on that to me seemed so trivial and negative. I tried for many years to please her and finally found that when I focused on pleasing myself, I also pleased her. The bottom line for all of us that are Moms is that we want our kids, not matter their ages, to be happy with who they are and where they are in life.

    Hope you concentrate on pleasing yourself today and please rethink that desire to give her your "big clothes".

    Hugs, Sunny
    4314 days ago
    This is a great post! I think you were very honest AND I think that it's great that you shared some positive and negative motivations. We all have both, but it's so easy to focus only on the negative and that's when we get down and give up. It would be nice for us to have 100% positive motivations but that just isn't reality. Keep up the hard work. It's not easy but you can do it.
    4314 days ago
    Great blog. Keep moving its worth it.
    4314 days ago
    It takes courage to face your frustrations and move on. Deciding to take care of yourself and think of yourself enough to move past what others say about us and look at ourselves for the greatness within shows great character. You will do it! Good luck and keep looking forward to what the future holds that will make your goals easier to attain.
    4314 days ago
    Great motivations (even frustration is a motivator). Make sure you keep reading them...don't write this and never come back to it. Remind yourself why this is WORTH IT!!!
    4314 days ago
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