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Are you on Fire?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey, I got your attention, HUH? (LOL) Have a wonderful day everyone.
Now on with the word.

Are You On Fire For God?

"Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord;" --Romans 12:10-11

What does it mean to be fervent in spirit? Well the word "fervent," if you want a clear definition, means to be hot, to boil, to glow, and to be earnest. And God says here that it is His will that as a believer you be hot in spirit, you boil in spirit, you glow in spirit, you be earnest in spirit. The will of God is that you not just have moments, but a lifestyle, where you are on fire for God. Living this lifestyle is a key to pleasing God as well as living the victorious life God wants you to live.

It is vitally important that you not only become fervent in spirit, but that once you get there you stay fervent in spirit. One thing that can happen to believers is that sometimes they start off on fire, but then they allow Satan and their circumstances to cool them off. Yet, if you're not on fire for God you're not really pleasing God and you're not positioning yourself to receive what God wants you to receive.

God didn't say "be fervent in body." He didn't say "be fervent in mind." He said "be fervent in spirit." That's how God wants your spirit to be -on fire for him.

See, the devil doesn't want you on fire for God. Why? Because when he touches you he gets burned. Satan doesn't want you to really start causing him damage, so he tries to take you out ahead of time. You've got to make sure that you stay on guard. You need to be sober, vigilant, and make sure that staying fervent in spirit is your lifestyle. Then, Satan can't deceive you into stepping out of the will of God for your life.

You should be known for being fervent and not allowing the enemy in any way to quench that fire. This is important to God. There's no room in the Body of Christ for lukewarm Christians. Lukewarm Christians get picked off by Satan. Lukewarm Christians don't produce for God, and lukewarm Christians do not prosper in every area of life.

God wants the fire of the Holy Spirit to spread all across this world. He wants people on fire for Him everywhere preaching His Word, living His Word, and winning the lost. And if you want to be successful in helping Him save the world, then you need to be on fire for him. I want to encourage you to begin by making a decision.

If you've been on fire for Him already, then make a decision to stay on fire. If you've gotten a little lukewarm then make a choice today not to be lukewarm and to be on fire for Him again. That's how God wants you to live, and it really starts with a choice.

So choose to be hot for God!
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