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the restaurant manager said no

Thursday, August 06, 2009

What a way to not eat out.

I didn't eat breakfast, wasn't hungry, not like me, but....

Went to an interview, got hired for substitute teaching, and needed to fill out some paper work, then went to a job fair.

I was hungry, decided to stop at a waffle house and order a biscuit egg and some ice tea, sweetened. Got there at lunch time and sat and waited for a booth.

The waitress said there were seats at the counter and I said that I would wait for a booth. She repeated and I calmly said I'd wait.

She asked me what I wanted to drink , I said ice tea and she brought me ice tea and sat it at the counter. I picked it up and took it to the waiting seats along the window wall. I did't realilze that I was making a big deal. I only wanted my ice tea and a booth. It was busy but not overly crowded.

I didn't want to sit between two big guys at the tall counter where I would be touching elbows or sit between two women with their bags all over the chairs and one of them talking constantly on her cell phone with her homefries on a separate plate from her steak and eggs. I would have been able to put my fork down in front of me and gotten her homefries which she smothered with some condiment.

By this time I had decided to eat quickly, and leave, forget the paper work there.

Then from somewhere, the manager named Larry came out from somewhere and told me that I had to sit at the counter. So I left, hungry, but with my money. What a way to get self not to eat out.....was Dave Ramsey orchestrating this? I came home and ate a sandwich. I miss the Waffle house ice tea, it is so good.

It really takes discipline to say to self, not to eat out. There is a lesson here for me, I'm still not able to accept that I got told no. Maybe later today it will happen.


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  • PAG2809
    Lousy customer service, but it worked out well for you!
    4336 days ago
    Congrats on getting the job! What rude people at the diner. I'm glad to hear you stood up for yourself and left. Saved yourself some fat & calories by going home and having a sandwich, not to mention the money! That is still one of my biggest problems, eating out. One of these days I'll get a handle on it, maybe, LOL. emoticon
    4336 days ago
  • CAROL_
    I'm glad you got the substitute teaching job!

    You know what you're a better woman than I am; I'd have given that manager a piece of my mind. You TOLD the girl TWICE, I assume in plain English, that you'd wait which any person of intelligence above an amoeba would translate as I DON'T WANT TO SIT AT THE COUNTER. Some people are just InDUHviduals. Her putting your tea there does NOT mean you had to drink it at the counter! Like they're coercing you by dangling the iced tea over the counter! Idiots. Stuff like that makes me mad, the stupidity of it, just by reading it. The only reason I'd go back is to give them a piece of my mind. And you know that wouldn't do a bit of good. I would never give them one penney of my money, ever again.
    4336 days ago
  • 102633
    As a young person I worked in several places that required customer service. I was taught that the rule of thumb is "the customer is always right" (even when they are wrong you offer them whatever service you can to keep the customer). I was frustrating at times (especially when you know that you are right) but a smile and an agreement went a long way toward customer satisfaction. The customer pays the bills for any business.

    Lesson learned: That manager went to the wrong school of customer satisfaction and he lost your business. Clark Howard would say you experienced "customer no service"!

    You were right - walk out and don't turn back . There are other places to get good service.
    4336 days ago
    I wouldn't go back there again. I would also tell my friends and write a letter of complaint to the senior management. That is ridiculous.

    4336 days ago
    so much for emoticon
    4336 days ago
    so much for emoticon
    4336 days ago
    Surely there must be another place that has really good ice tea. Perhaps it is time to explore somewhere else that understands "customer service". You don't have to eat at home to stay focused on healthy eating choices. Personally I like Cracker Barrel for an ice tea. Keep smiling Sunshine! emoticon
    4336 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/6/2009 4:39:53 PM
    "Service" appears to be a word that isn't known at the restaurant where you were treated so poorly. It was very nice of you not to mention the name of the place. Shame on them.
    4337 days ago
    I can't believe they would MAKE you sit at a counter you didn't want to sit at! That is NOT very good customer service or business at all. I'm glad you left! Saved your wallet and your waistline! (:
    4337 days ago
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