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Teensy weensy tiny baby steps, need your ideas and input

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I am feeling overwhelmed and unable to commit to anything on a large scale. But I'm not uncommitted. I'm not unmotivated. I can't explain it, I don't even truly understand it.

But for me, I KNOW it is about baby steps turning into good habits. I KNOW this!!! I've already built a number of good habits this way.

Last week was really hard because when I myself went shopping for food for the cottage, I did awesome. But my mom brought in lots of goodies and I caved some (not all) of the time. I tried so hard to not eat emotionally. But the outcome was not good. Never again are we bringing all those extra folks with us. Not that I don't love them, but we just need a relaxing family vacation. Just us. But anyway, I need to keep learning how to deal with things better, not with food.

So, what are my baby steps? Can you help me think of some? They need to be baby steps, but to help me build habits.
1. I am upping my walking/cardio to 15 minutes per day. It often ends up being more but that is the bare minimum, just for consistency sake.
2. Digging out my pedometer (TONIGHT) and shooting for 8000 steps a day. I have NO CLUE what I walk now, probably nowhere near that. (Thanks for the thought MDMNINA)

I know I want more. Thoughts, ideas? I just need one or two more to get me started. They probably should be nutrition-related, but of course that is where I am struggling right now...so I am sort of scared to do it...
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    If I knew more about what your problem areas were, I could probably help more with ideas. All of these people are suggesting good stuff, though. I read that you drink Soda. Sugar is the enemy! So...try to drink iced tea with sweet and low, or stevia, or just one tsp. of sugar in it, and then half a sweet and low. Yes I combine a drop of sugar with the non-caloric sweeteners, and it helps make it taste better.
    But if u can give up the sugar drinks, you will lose weight, I guarantee it. Can u drink diet coke or pepsi. I hate the taste, but I'll drink one a day, and it fills me up, when I'm hungry!

    Also, do NOT bring goodies into the house, if u know you'll be tempted. Thats major. ..and the less carbs you eat, the less appetite you'll have. Protein fills u up more, and so do whole-grain foods. I eat whole wheat pita, and I cut it in half.
    You do need SOME carbs, just eliminate the white colored stuff.

    Good luck, sweetie.
    4320 days ago
    If sweets and snacks are your problem, aim for one sweet/snack that you really love per day and try and keep it around 100-150 calories. I can't give up sweets, but doing it this way helps satisfy my cravings and doesn't blow my weight loss goals.
    4363 days ago
    I am trying to drink a sip of water with every bite of food. Hopefully it will help, I'll let you know.
    4365 days ago
    here's my 2 cents: because you can recognize it, you can change it. When that big overwhelm is felt, stop and breathe (pick a number [of breaths], any number) and give a good long exhale each time. Interrupt the process. I know how the train takes on runaway speed with old family habit re-engaged. You have the right to your good health. Those snacks aren't evil, they just aren't right for you right now. Stop, breathe, and then make a conscious choice. You don't love your family less when you refuse to participate in the old habit. You'll get stronger at resisting it, just as you get stronger with exercise!
    4370 days ago
    Baby steps are steps in the right direction.

    Another baby step idea - try and eat at least three veggies and 2 fruits a day. Or if you are not a fruit and veggie person, even one of each per day. I am eating a LOT of fruit right now, and it helps take away that craving for sweets.

    4370 days ago
    I'm trying to drink 2 cups of water before breakfast, I think everyone should make that a habit - I think I read that in a Spark article. So like, I wake up and as I'm cooking or making my breakfast, I drink 2 cups of water. So by the time I start eating, not only did I moisturize my body but I'll have 2 cups down and 6 to go. =)

    4371 days ago
    I think you've gotten some great suggestions so far! I definitely agree with those who say plan-plan-plan... but of course, when you're on vacation, highly busy/stressed at work, or embroiled in other out-of-the-ordinary activities, it can be hard to anticipate all situations and keep to a rigid nutrition/fitness schedule, too.

    My little suggestion, for what it's worth, is to keep a package of sugar-free gum on hand at all times. I always have one in my purse. That way, when temptation strikes, and I develop cravings but know I'm not really hungry, I pop a piece of gum in my mouth for about 15 - 30 minutes. That assuages my "need" for taste and texture, while not adding any significant calories, fat, or anything else to my daily nutrition intake (sugarless gum has no fat, of course, and under 5 calories per piece).

    Hang in there -- baby steps are steps forward nonetheless! There's absolutely nothing wrong with "slow and steady".

    -- Jeannette
    4371 days ago

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  • LAUREL220
    I am going to scribble down some of those ideas for the future. Right now, I'm going to add one more thing - it will be 3 veggies a day since I have no problems at all with fruit!!!
    4371 days ago
    maybe you can try to walk for 3-5 minute prior to eating something that is not on your diet plan. or drink 8 oz of water before each meal.
    4371 days ago
  • JEN146
    There are some really good ideas already listed; I agree with all of them. My first step was to cut out pop - I drink 1 morning coffe, water, and occassionally a Crystal Light. I also really limited my red wine intake (this was kind of my nightly "thing" - just one glass) - now I have one or two glasses per week. We had already switched all bread / pasta in our house to whole wheat so that was kind of done already. I really work to get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies in each day - small salad for lunch (the Dole salad mixes like Perfect Harvest are fantastic and one bag provides 3 or 4 lunches and is fast and easy), we have a veggie with dinner every night and I'll plan two fruits for snacks during the day. I love ice cream, but have switched to Yoplait Whips for dessert if I must have one - they have some calories and fat, but it's better than ice cream and still tastes somewhat decadent - of course I still have ice cream sometimes too. :O) Those have been my biggies. Well, I also started running - something I thought I would hate, but turned out really enjoying. So maybe try some new forms of exercise too. Finally, planning. I sit down every Sunday morning and while making out the grocery list plan my meals for the week (breakfast, lunch and dinner) - I love that saying "when you fail to plan you plan to fail" and sticking to that has helped a lot. Best of luck! The summer is just brutal for dieting, but it sounds like you're working on a good plan.
    4371 days ago
    Thanks for the comment on my Spark Page. I wanted to give you ideas for cutting back on your pop. I'm going cold turkey on my Diet Dew, but that's because I ran out and didn't want to buy any more. I've been drinking a lot of green tea to counteract the caffeine headache, but other than the migraine that I already had yesterday, I really haven't had one. I guess my suggestion to you, since you said you had a case left would be to cut back how much you drink a day by one can for the first couple of days. Of course, I don't know how much of it you drink each day. This is a great goal to add to your others! Good luck!
    4371 days ago
    Food-wise, for me, I discovered that I had certain addictions that I have tried to slowly phase out in the past but it never worked. So this time I started giving them up one by one. Then it wasn't about "oh I'll just have 1 or 2, it's moderation" and then it ruins you. This way, I wiped out the pressure by being about to just say, oh, I can't have that. First I gave up bread and pasta. Just bread and pasta! When I started seeing real results, and it wasn't really that hard to live without them, it was motivating to keep being good and cutting out more processed things.

    So try giving up something and set a goal for yourself. Like, give up all potatoes and potato-based things, or something like that, and see how it goes. Baby steps!
    4372 days ago
    SHUTRBUG has great ideas, I found those suggestions worked for me. I also had to rid the house of anything that had empty calories, and fill it back up with fruit/veggies. When I shop the grocery store, I spend most of my time around the edge of the store, where the fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods are. And I logged everything into my nutition tracker. Now that I've lost weight, I'm finding it hard to have treats around, I just want to eat. So everything is out of sight. Last week we had the grandaughter's candy from the parade on the counter. I love the tootsie rolls, and since I could see them I ate. But I put it all in a drawer and now I can't see, so don't think about eating the candy.
    Then for exercise, I walk. At first it was just 1/2 mile or so. I thought getting 5,000 steps was good at the beginning. And I logged everything into my fitness tracker.
    I know it's hard and it does take baby steps, but all those baby steps will add up to success. DON"T give up, you can do this!!
    4372 days ago
    Ooh ooh! I just thought of something else. Is your daughter old enough to do your strength training exercises with you? You could make a game of it, marching to a silly song, having her sit on your feet while you do sit ups, sit her on your shoulders when you go for your walk - I'm sure there are a lot more you could come up with. It would be great for starting her on healthy habits too. I would totally do this with my daughter - except that she is 35 now and her feet would probably drag on the ground if I tried to get her up on my shoulders.
    4372 days ago
    A small step for me that has proven very helpful and now a habit is planning all my nutrition first thing in the morning. It makes me think about how I can add more really healthy food into the mix, encourages me to check out and make new recipes or develop better versions of my favorites. It also helps me get through the hungry times knowing that between breakfast and lunch there is watermelon or a juicy peach for my snack. And I keep fresh cut veggies and cut up melons in the fridge so if I just HAVE to have something right NOW I can have a couple of pieces and I'm good for a while.

    Also, I don't know if you have a garden, but I have set the goal to work in mine for a minimum time each day - usually digging up weeds. I do it standing, squating down, I walk back and forth to the compost bin or trash can with every handfull.

    Also, I fill two 32 oz water bottles every night so they are always cold - I make sure I drink one full container before lunch, and the other before dinner. Any more that I drink later in the evening is just a bonus.

    I also wear a pedometer every day and set up one of my tracked "other goals" to walk a minimum or 5000 steps. Some days I hit it, some days I don't, and some days I hit over 10,000 and its a big woo hoo! Maybe you could add some of your baby step goals to the other goals tracker - its always good for me to check in on my streaks when I don't feel like doing what I know I should!

    Hope you have a great day!

    4372 days ago
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