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50 miles in 30 days

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I hate to exercise. But I have been trying to increase my walking time. I do not like to run or should I say I can't run. Well this month my husband challenged me to do 100 miles in 30 days(he runs everyday). I wanted to be a part of the challenge but knew there was no way I could do 100 miles so I agreed to do 50 miles. This has been a GREAT challenge. I know each day I am accountable to walk/run so may miles. If I miss a day then I have to play catch up and I know it would not be possible to do all 50 miles in the last few days. So I'd done pretty good so far. I try to get in two miles a day. So far I walked 21 miles in 16 days. I'm a little behind but I think I can do this. So here's my challange to anyone who reads this.

To track your miles find the "healthy lifesyle" tab at the top of the page then go to "fitness" and find "Map Your Route ". This is a great tool and you can automaticly add it to you daily fitness log.

so walkers - 50 miles in 30 days
and runners - 100 miles in 30 days

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